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Our Wedding

You are warmly invited to our very own outdoor, western washington, DIY wedding!
We were lucky enough to grab a Saturday in mid-June at the Evergreen Garden's venue near Bellingham, Washington. I know it sounds cliché as a bride to say our wedding location was perfect, but ours truly was! It felt like a secret getaway where no one would imagine one to be.
We wanted the day to be an intimate and relaxing experience for our guests since they are the most meaningful people in our lives. We felt blessed to have this once in a lifetime opportunity to spend an afternoon celebration with them all at once!  To achieve this feel, our wedding planning was more of a wedding project. From our  invites, to decor, guest book, and even veil, everything was made by loving hands.
We took advantage of black Friday to purchase bountiful amounts of cardstock and fabric but didn't start this charming project until January of 2010. I was still in school but Chris was recently graduated from his Master's program. Because of our situation at hand, I became the designer and he became the executor. In the end, Christopher was a professional paper-cutter who taught me about keeping factory edges together. Oh, by the way, he's also an engineer, as if that last part about edges didn't give it away.
The most time devoted piece to the entire project had to be the making of my veil. I wanted it to be fingertip length with an embellished edge. To my surprise, such veils ran on average of $200, which seemed unreasonable when tulle is only a few dollars a yard. After some researched and mustard up patience I attempted and succeeded in creating a veil I'd feel timelessly elegant walking down the aisle wearing.
When guests arrived they were greeted with a homemade chalkboard sign {see first photo}, a display of photos, a prayer tree, and guest book. I've never seen the point in having a guest book at a wedding other than for collecting addresses, but I wanted our 'guest book' to be a way for us to creatively display all those who attended our wedding. The way we decided to do this was by creating a fingerprint tree. We purchased a few different colors of ink stamps and our guests signed in by making a figure print on the tree and signing their name near their print. Now we have a handsome canvas to display in our home.
The reception tables screamed northwest, but also gave away the fact that I was an education major who enjoys drawing and that we're both game enthusiasts. Our intent was to provide a delightful time filler for our guests while we were taking pictures {Christopher and I opted to not see each on June 19, 2010 until I walked down the aisle}.
For our two o'clock wedding we served a light meal consisting of croissant sandwiches and variety of vegetables. We topped our guests tummy's off with their selection of either a slice of cake or a cupcake {or both} baked and decorated by a long time friend of mine, it was her wedding gift to us. The cake was a piece of art, almost too impeccable to cut!
My girls and I began the wedding day with private dance parties in the bridal room which meant we couldn't have ended the day without a public dance party. After Chris and I danced our first slow dance we kicked up our heals and immediately started in on country swing, our favorite! Our fellow swing dancers joined in while the song lasted. The rest of the afternoon was spent having some good old fashion fun while songs you cannot help but move to played over the speakers.
We bid our guests adieu by walking through their tunnel of hands and ridding off into the sunset in our half-ton red pickup truck. A blessed day indeed.

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  1. this is really sweet !!!
    long last <3
    and god bless always :)


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