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Friday, April 17, 2015

Online Shopping: Fabric

The following is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own, you are welcome to visit my disclosure page

A question I get quite frequently is, "do you ever buy fabric online?" Yes, yes I do! Since I have access to such wonderful fabrics in Japan six months out of the year it doesn't happen often but when there is a specific fabric I'm looking for and can't find it in my current country, I'll order it. I typically keep to Etsy and only because those are were the only two places I knew of but recently I stumbled upon some attractive and unique fabric designs in an unexpected place, Minted! You know that feeling you get when you discover something truly amazing and want to tell everyone? That's me right now! Have you heard of Minted? The last I knew Minted was an online place where I could go for Christmas cards, friends it's so much more than that! First, lets ogle at some prints shall we?

Those are fabrics, fabrics! Naturally since I found the fabric designs to be so lovely I poked around the site a little bit more and noticed that they also have a stunning art collection which totally got my wheels turning with how I want to change up our house when we get home in a month. Here are some of my favorites to give you a taste:
What I would have purchased in a heartbeat if the appropriate one was listed, was a gold foil pressed map! Sadly there isn't any Evergreen State love yet but you better believe I'll be check back on that!

Where are you favorite places to shop for fabric? Any online fabric shopping secrets?

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  1. I had no idea they had fabric! How cute! I love that bottom left with the blue crosses!

  2. I've never bought fabric online I've always worried I wouldn't like it in person. I live in such a small town though the selections here are tiny....I think it's time to give online a try, thanks for the recommendation!

  3. So far I haven't had any issues! I have ordered from multiple times and always great quality. Etsy can be a little different because it's from shop to shop so with that I tend to brows the reviews pretty thoroughly. I'll be sure to let you know about mint fabric when I get around to ordering!

  4. Glad I wasn't the only one! Appears to be just as great of quality as their cards!


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