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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Etsy Love {{4}}

We're beginning to pack up the apartment more seriously this week, cannot believe it's that time! So much to look forward to in the next month which doesn't include the actual flight... Really digging the 'home' pillow right now, though I feel like we'd need 2; one for Washington and one for Japan! Hope you enjoy this week's picks!
OohLookItsARabbit: $70.00

FinchandCotter: $38.00+

brownpigeon: $11.95

SweetPeonyPress: $10.00+

juliegarland: $36.00
 photo signature2_zpshc2xstpn.jpg


  1. Love The New Look! And that Noahs Ark is awesome.

  2. That Noah's ark set is adorable! And I love the different colors of wood! Also, I just realized I never told you this, but I love the updated site design! I know it's been a while but it looks beautiful!


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