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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Stuffed Rabbit Tutorial

Easter is just around the corner! With our oldest being only 2 years old we haven't done anything yet with the secular side of the holiday. This year we have talked about doing a little egg hunt for him in our unit but with Chris having to work that day, and a friend flying in, I think we might just stick to talking about Jesus, dying eggs and wearing bunny ears I bought at The Daiso (Japanese dollar store). As a child I personally had an extravagantly amazing egg hunt across our 2.5 acres with my siblings each year, it was glorious and I hope to have our boys experience that in the future. Some day we'll actually be in The States during spring, please enjoy all the tulips and daffodils for us!

In honor of easter I put together a little tutorial to make a darling little rabbit for a little in your life! I don't know about yours but my little guy loves stuffed animals so a plush rabbit made from scraps in my cabinet was the perfect project.

Besides the ability to do a simple satin stitch, not much skill is required! The tutorial includes step by step direction with pictures to go along (no pictures to assist the bowtie instructions) as well as a to-scale printable template! 

What I loved most about this project was how quick it was even though there are a few different elements of detail. I also like how I have the option to make multiple bows and neck scarfs to be changed on the rabbits but let's be honest, I'll probably never get around to that.

Lucky for you and the rest of my blog readers, you have access to the tutorial for free by clicking HERE. If you don't care to make one but rather purchase one, that's also an option available to you though my Etsy shop.

So there you have it, a fun little seasonal project. What are you doing for Easter? Any traditions?

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  1. Lena, these are precious! I haven't made anything like this for my son yet, but I love how these look! I might just have to make him one before Easter!!


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