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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Box Bottom Drawstring Bag Tutorial

What's a box bottom bag? One that sits up by its self! Drawstring bags can be a fun way to package a gift and when done yourself can be entirely customizable to shape, size, and height! Sometimes, the most appropriate gift bag (or most esthetically appealing) is one that can sit up on its own which requires a stable bottom (scroll drown to see picture). The following is a tutorial on how to make a drawstring bag roughly 8" tall with a bottom 4.5"x4.5". Here's what you'll need:
  • 2 pieces of main (outside) and 2 pieces of fabric for the lining both measuring 10" by 9"
  • 2 pieces of twine (string, ribbon) measuring 28"
  • matching thread and sewing accessories
  • safety pin
  • With right sides facing, sew around the edges of the main fabric (using a .25" seam allowance), leaving the top open and a gap on either side for the drawstring. The gap should be roughly an inch wide, starting 2.5" down from the top. It's a good idea to back stitch either side of the gap since the drawstring can be used frequently. ***Note that if your main fabric has stripes, you are going to want to line those up to give a cleaner looker. 
  • With right sides facing, sew around the lining fabric, leaving the top open. You do not need to leave gaps in the sides on the lining.
  • Press all seams.

  • Once you've stitched around both the main and lining you're going to need to make the boxed corners, to do this you need to make a special stitch on both the left and right bottom corner of the bag. Decide which corner you're going to start with, line up the bottom seam with the side seam and flatten out the material so as you form a 90 degree angle. With your ruler you need to draw a line with a fabric pencil (or lightly with a regular pencil) where both legs of your triangle are 3" (see below, the line you are drawing is the hypotenuse of the triangle). Do this on both sides then straight stitch on top of the line.

  • Cut the corner off giving roughly a 1.8" seam allowance. 
  • Repeat drawing, stitching, and clipping on both sides of the other fabric.

  • Make your main fabric right side in and your lining right side out, place lining inside of main fabric.
  • Match up the side seams and pin in place.

  • Make sure you note to leave a gap 2" wide to turn the fabric. 

  • With your .25" seam allowance, stitch around the top of your bag. 
  • Turn the fabric right side out through the gap.
  • You should now have both the main fabric and lining fabric facing out as pictured below. 

  • Push the lining inside of the main and press the top making sure to get a nice clean edge where the main fabric meets the lining. 

  • With a 1/8" seam allowance, stitch around the top of the bag to secure the gap.

  •  Draw two lines with your sewing pencil (as before, something erasable) just above and below the drawstring gap on the sides of the bag. 
  • Stitch all the way around the bag on top of the line. I like starting the stitch at the seam of the bag, makes for a cleaner start and finish.

  •  Loosely tie one of your pieces of twine onto a safety pin.
  • Thread the safety pin through one of the gaps and feed it through the entire circumference of the casing. Your twine will enter and exit out of the same gap.
  • Tie the two ends together and repeat on the other side with your second piece of twine.  

  •  Now here's the fun part, pull both strings at the same time, ta-da!

And look at that square bottom! Your bag is ready to be filled with any and all your goodies! I filled mine with some felt sugar cookies, aren't they just adorable?! You can find them in my Etsy shop. 

 photo July2014signature_zps83220af5.jpg

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  1. Lena! This is so cute! I love this idea! It would be such a fun way to give gifts, especially at parties and stuff. I think I have to save this tutorial and make like ten of them. Thank you!!


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