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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

5 Months Old! (Brenik)

I'll cut to the chase, the highlight of this month (one of the most exciting moments of his life, let's be real) is that Brenik started sleeping straight through the night! Not an adult 8hrs kind of straight through the night but a textbook baby 12-13hr straight sleep! At the beginning of January he slept through the night and Chris and I didn't know what to do with ourselves, we didn't get our hopes up but then it happened again! After three straight nights of uninterrupted sleep I was reminded of something I read awhile back on how babies between 4-6 months will start sleeping through the night but then try to go back to nursing and you're advised not to. The idea is that baby already showed you he doesn't need to eat to make it through the night so don't make nursing at night a habit. Sure enough after about a week of sleeping through the night around 2am he started fussing around. We decided not to go grab him unless our parental instincts told us something was wrong so he fussed on and off for 20 minutes before falling back asleep until morning. The proceeding nights he was back to sleeping straight through. As mentioned before, so thankful for how the time and energy that has gone into a consistent routine has paid off in spades! Naps however are not as perfect. When naps are taken at home they're great, out and about is the problem. He's down to three naps now so we try to get 2 of the 3 solid at home in his room.

We're still on breastmilk. I've given him an apple slice to gum and a taste of a couple things but he hasn't showed any interest in food yet. Gabriel was grabbing at everything at the table and was eating salmon at about 4 months old! Brenik has no care still, which is totally fine. He's old enough to start eating solids but we'll wait until he shows us he's interested. I spent the last month on an elimination diet (i.e. torture diet) and learned that eggs, wheat, and gluten are fine and dairy seems to be the culprit. The next step is to figure out if the type of dairy matters and how much.

Brenik is a string bean! Gabriel was always long and lean but Brenik is longer and leaner! At the doctor we learned that at 27.5" and a touch over 14lbs he's in the 99th percentile for height and 24th for weight. I was so shocked over the weight part and genuinely asked the doctor if he was okay. She assured me I was not to worry and that he's a healthy long and lean baby. I had hoped Brenik would be my chunky thigh baby, but he's more chicken legged than Gabe! Pooh. We also did get around to getting his tongue clipped which was extremely low key and simple. Brenik was upset with the tools in his mouth but after being nursed and taking a nap he was back to normal.

Daily we count our blessings for how mellow and happy Brenik continues to be. Just making eye contact from across the room will rupture a large gummy smile across his face accompanied by cooing and giggles. Kiss his hands and he losses it, touch his ribs and he's gone. Gabriel loves getting the smiles and giggles out of Brenik just as much as we do. What Brenik doesn't like is getting his clothes changed. Every time you take a onesie off he gets super sad and fussy. It doesn't last long and if that's the hardest part of his day I think we're doing just fine.

Still no teeth! Gabriel popped 1 at 6 months and had 7 by two months. Brenik has been teething on and off but still no sign of one popping through the gums.

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  1. He's so handsome! Those eyes are incredible! Little J was that way with his percentiles, too. Little A is even longer, but she is about 65% for weight, and she has those chunky thighs! And I know what you mean about not liking getting his clothes changed. Every time I put a onesie over Little A's head she cries!

  2. Lena, your posts always give me hope! We're about a month and a bit behind you, and when I read where you're at, I know we just have to keep pushing through. We're getting great night time sleep, but bedtime and naps are often a struggle...I've felt like giving up so many times, but then I think we must be just around the corner to it all falling into place...and what if today's the day that everything just works, you know? So on we go! And I'm glad you figured out his food sensitivities...hopefully it's not too hard on you...I don't think I could live without dairy! :S Take care!


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