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Friday, November 7, 2014

A Day in the Life Of...

We're starting to find our new crazy around these parts and I desired to document it to look back on. The days are busy and packed, sometimes full of fun and other times sprinkled (or drenched) with tears, but at the end of the day we count our blessings and give thanks to the Lord for it all.

Our days are molded around Gabriel's nap time because when he's rested we're all in a better place. Now that Brenik is starting to get a routine nailed down we work around that as well but he's still flexible since he can and does sleep through car rides and errands. 

I thought it would be fun to document what a day can look like for us because one day these moments will just be a fleeting memory. Just even from Gabriel's time of infancy I have a hard time recalling what a day looked like. Some days are totally cray (yes, I still say cray... at least when blogging) but wonderful, when other days are crazy and just too much. The following day is a Monday and by no means how every Monday goes or even every day. This is simply a look at what Monday the 20th of October looked like. I don't wake up at 4am every morning nor does Brenik always need so much assistance with sleep, laundry is typically pretty nuts daily, and yes the kitchen needs to be cleaned multiple times a day every day. Yes, we bake a lot, no Gabriel isn't always so emotional, yes Chris does come home and interact with Gabriel right away, no I don't always get out by myself (that was the first time). As you can see, this is just what this day in particular looked like.

Like said there are SOME things that we try to keep consistent daily and that would be wake up, nap, and bed times. Not only is keeping these time consistent good for our kids but always wonderful for me when it comes to getting through the day. I cannot stress enough how important it is to us to keep this part of our schedule more or less nailed down- my sanity often depends on it. 

Here's our day...

4:15am Chris wakes up, this morning I woke up at about 4:30am to work out. I finally got to start exercising again and though most of my workouts are about 30 minutes this particular day the work out was closer to an hour and I didn't see being able to fit that in during nap time or desiring to go at it after the kids went to bed so I tested out working out in the morning. Verdict: not awesome, however it was great to get an early start to the day! I got to take a shower, eat breakfast in peace, start cleaning the kitchen (Chris usually loads the dishwasher before work and I unload and finish the cleaning that didn't happen the night before. We try to clean up before bed but it doesn't always happen.), change out laundry, make the bed, read my Bible, and tidy our bedroom.

7:10am Brenik wakes up, gets nursed, diaper changed and played with. This is our routine after every wake up. Gabriel is usually my first up waking between 6am and 6:30am but of course the morning I get up early he sleeps in. 

On "normal" wake days this is typically when we get ready to go out and do errands if they need to be done. I LOVE that our Target now opens at 8 because I'll put Brenik down for his first nap in his carseat and we'll head out the door to do our shopping. I try to time it so we don't get home until Brenik's wake up time after his first nap (10am-ish). 

8:10am Gabriel wakes up at the same time I'm putting Brenik down for his first nap, I literally closed Brenik's door as I was opening Gabriel's to get him up for the morning.

Gabriel was having a hard time waking up this particular morning. We cuddled and rocked in the recliner in his room before changing him out of his diaper into underwear and heading downstairs to read books. When Gabriel first wakes I try to play with him quite a bit because the more I play with him initially after waking the better he is about playing independently later when I'm taking care of Brenik.

After some reading I headed back to the kitchen to do some more cleaning. Being in the kitchen got Gabriel wanting to bake (If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...). I had told Chris the day before that I was going to bake some soft pretzels but never got around to it so Gabriel and I did that this morning.

Baking is one of his favorite activities of the day. I try to give him as many jobs as possible like twisting the lids on and off, putting items back like measuring cups and spices, turning the Kitchen Aid on, dumping in the ingredients after I measure them... It makes the process take more time but he loves it and it seems to really fill his love tank.

Once the dough was finished and sitting on the counter rising, it was time for Gabriel to eat a little breakfast. Some mornings he eats like a bear and others a chipmunk- today was a bear day with yogurt, 3 eggs, toast, strawberries, and whole milk.

No boy's morning is complete without playing with cars!

8:55am Brenik fussed.

9:30am-9:36am cried and fussed.

As Gabriel played with and separated buttons I snagged a few minutes to check out the newest deals listed on groopdealz. This is not an advertisement people, promise! The product changes so often and the prices are pretty great so I am sort of addicted to spending a couple minutes every day or ever other day to brows.

10:10am Brenik woke up. While I nurse Brenik Gabriel sometimes plays with toys that I pull down from the bookcase but usually he asks to 'snuggle with blue blanket' and read. It can be a little difficult to nurse while holding and reading a book (depending on the size and shape of the book) so I've been working on Gabriel holding the book and turning the pages for me.

We find it incredibly important to be intentional about getting outside each day. Now that Brenik is here it has been trickier to squeeze it in, especially with the weather changing, but even if it's just for a matter of minutes we try to make it happen. I'll usually have Brenik in the Solly Baby Wrap or Ergo but sometimes I'll set up the baby monitor in the window and we'll play in the front year.

When outside we walk the neighborhood, run around the retention pond, eat the remaining peas out of the garden (basically the only crop that we got to harvest this year), push around Gabe's lawn mower, kick the basketball, play with tools in the garage, pick rocks and whatever else a little toddler boy enjoys doing outside.

11:10am came back inside and put Brenik back down for nap. I started pretzels while Gabriel played in the living room.

11:30am Gabriel starts eating lunch. While he eats lunch I either work on cleaning the kitchen, do laundry, cook/bake, straighten or a little bit of all of that. Hey look, the kitchen is yet again a disaster.

After lunch Gabriel uses the bathroom, brushes his teeth, gets a drink of water, changes into a diaper and PJs, get's read a book, reads me a book, says a prayer and is down around noon. This day though as I was heading into Gabriel's bathroom he freaked out because he wanted to enter first to turn the light on and the screaming woke Brenik, but he settled. Gabriel was pretty touchy and emotional the entire time getting ready for nap (someone was tired), when turning the light off in his room he slammed the wall (shared wall between his room and Brenik's) which once again woke Brenik. I was praying for Gabriel while listening to a crying Brenik and beeping oven.

12:00pm Gabriel is down for a nap.

Poor Brenik, he's typically the one that has to wait. I went downstairs, removed the pretzels from the oven and sat next to the monitor assessing wether or not I needed to go in and assist him in falling back to sleep. He's pretty easy to read when it comes to listening to his self soothing and usually nods off to sleep after 4 minutes. Unlike with infant Gabriel, we'll let Brenik fuss and stir and do some crying if all his needs are met and he's just tired. When I say we let him cry this does not mean scream crying, it's more of a whining cry.

12:05pm - 12:20pm Brenik fussed. The fuss crying eventually escalated and I went and rocked and hummed to him for five minutes until he became drowsy in my arms again and laid him back into bed.

12:30-33pm rocked and sang to Brenik.

12:40-44pm rocked and sang to Brenik.

Between rocking I tried to sew some for the craft fair I had coming up. If I'm not taking care of or playing with either child, or working on anything house related I try to sew, blog, create... It's those small moments of doing something I enjoy, even if it's just a minute or two, that help me stay encouraged.

12:50pm I get Brenik up because he just wasn't going back to sleep and goal wake and nurse time was 1pm so I figured it was close enough.

After nursing Brenik, and changing his diaper it was time for a little chocolate therapy.

1:45pm Brenik went down for his second nap.

I went back to sewing and laundry.

2:30pm I moved him to the swing since he was struggling to transition through sleep.

As Gabriel napped upstairs and Brenik slept in the swing I once again tried to do some sewing for the fair. When both kiddos are sleeping I'll typically check out whats new on Hulu, some of my favorite 'me-time' shows while I craft or tidy around the house are Dancing with the Stars, Nashville, America's Next Top Model, Revenge, The Bachelor (when it's in season), The Voice... I'm definitely a multi-tasker TV watcher so thick plots don't really work for me since I do more time not watching than watching.

Oh yes, and some more laundry of course... Good ol' cloth diapers.

2:50pm Gabriel wakes up. He typically naps somewhere between 2-3 hours but normally closer to 2 hours. After his nap he wanted to pop some popcorn.

3:00pm I hear that Brenik (who is in the swing basically in the kitchen) needs a diaper, we go upstairs and get that taken care of.

3:10pm Brenik gets nursed. We're on a 3 hour schedule so ideally shouldn't be nursed until 4pm but he's not settling back down to nap so I nurse him as Gabriel enjoyed the freshly popped popcorn.

3:50pm Brenik goes down for his third nap now totally off his schedule at this point.

4:15pm Chris gets home and Gabriel's revvin' to do something with him be it cars, books, trains, you name it!

I bought a bread maker before Brenik was born knowing my sanity would sometimes depend on it... I couldn't be more right. Had to make some bread.

Chris tries to get outside with Gabriel in the evenings to burn the last little bit of energy before dinner and bed. Gabe loves kicking the basketball (maybe we should get an actual soccer ball?) around with Chris and, "run-da-run-da-run-da-run!"

5:20pm Brenik is awake, nurses and gets a diaper change.

5:30pm is dinner time. Depending on whether or not it's bath night Gabriel gets a little more time to play after dinner and before cleaning up toys.

Cleaning up toys right now takes way longer than we would like. We have to remove toys sometimes because he just don't pick them up. He likes cleaning and organizing but already knows that the quicker his toys get picked up the sooner he has to go to bed. If we offer a ton of praise he does it but we want him to pick up toys because it's what he is supposed to do, not because we praise him for it.

Oh hey, more laundry.

Chris gets Gabriel ready for bed: toilet time, brush teeth, change into diaper and PJs, read books, and prays.

6:30pm Gabriel goes to bed. He's typically awake for about an hour talking to himself and singing. We've tried putting him to sleep later thinking maybe it's too early but he still stays up the same amount of time talking and sing without sleeping in an hour later. Also at this time Brenik went down for his fourth and final nap. He's typically waking from his last nap at 7pm...

After both boys were sleeping Chris and I finally got the chance to connect and I expressed that I'd been feeling a little trapped lately and just needed to get a second to myself. He suggested I'd get out and go somewhere so I headed to JoAnns to grab some random sewing needs to finish up my projects. I'll admit, as I got to the end of our round I had a though cross my mind that I could go anywhere in this moment and wondered how far I could get before I was found out that I had fled... Please don't read into that, it was just sort of weird feeling completely alone.

Chris enjoyed the time too because it allowed him play some of his games. It's great for us to get time as a family, for Chris and I to get time together AND for us both to get some quiet time for ourselves.

7:20pm Brenik woke up, had a diaper change, was nursed and played with.

8:30pm Brenik was laid in his crib to go to sleep for the night. Chris and I followed suit and went to bed ourselves.

10:30pm I woke up to dream feed Brenik.

3:00am Brenik woke to be nursed and had a diaper change. This was his last feeding before waking up at 7am the following morning to do it all over again.

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  1. This is a great idea! I'm totally going to do one on Monday :) That, of course, will depend on whether or not I can admit to the world about how late my boys and I get up!

  2. Those pretzels look amazing, Brenik is adorable, I love your kitchen. And I loved reading this, too! It's fun to see other moms' routines, especially since our babies are so close in age!!

  3. Cannot wait to see it! It's fun to see how everyone goes about their day, what their schedule is like and how they balance this crazy thing called life!

  4. Oh man they are so good and pretty easy! I put them in the freezer and Chris takes them to work. I agree, I am so nosey sometimes so I too like to get peaks into the lives of others. :)


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