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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Yokosuka Curry Festival

When you think Curry, what country do you think of? India of course, but Japan would not be a laughable answer. Oddly enough Yokosuka, Japan is a HUGE curry city, nicknamed 'Curry Town.' There are several amazing curry eats in Yokosuka as well as a couple large Curry events through the year that attract people from all over the country. One day Chris and I looked out our balcony window and were blown away by the mile long line (single file, no pushing or cutting because it's Japan) outside the Japan Navy military entrance. We thought it was maybe an open house day or something along those lines (the US base hosts 'Friendship Day' once a year where anyone can visit the base) but later learned there was a curry competition going on where each battleship served a different curry and the public voted. Yes, all the Japanese destroyers came back into bay for a curry competition, this is how serious they are about their curry. 

The last two years Chris and I have visited the Curry Festival in Mikasa Park near the base. Last year we happened upon it on accident on our way to Monkey Island for Mother's Day (we ironically ate curry from Nirvana beforehand) but this year we made sure we put it on the calendar! 

It's a blessing we do so much walking in Japan because the food is amazing in the country. We decided before entering the gate that we were going to eat our way through the entire festival. First up, kabobs! 

There were a ton of curry options to choose from. The most popular were of course the navy curries. We were interested in trying them but not interested in waiting in the line so we opted for our favorite in town curry, Nirvana. There was actually yet another mile long line (exaggeration this time, not the first time) for a special chained off area where you could get a plate sampling all the navy curries, I think we'll go for it next year!

The good eats didn't stop there, we grabbed some donuts and shaved coconut ice and checked out the curry mascots before sitting down to enjoy the entertainment.

We listened to a couple bands and watch some hula dancers. Gabriel loved freely exploring the grounds. Can you find him in the picture below? One of my favorite aspects of Japan is how safe (compared to the rest of the world, no where is entirely safe) it is for children. He flirted with the Japanese women, played with the children and ran down the hill.

For those who didn't get their fill (US) inside the festival there were a few more opportunities outside which couldn't be passed up. I did remember the noodles below being the best I've ever had so though we were full we bought some for the road. It took everything in me to not eat them with my fingers while walking home. And lastly, who can pass up bananas with bow ties? Those were Gabriel's favorite.

Going through these photos and seeing this food all over again is already getting me excited for May 2015. If anyone else wants to try this deliciousness we always welcome visitors while we're there. Just sayin'. 

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