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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Brenik's Birth Story Part 2 (of 3)

Saturday August 30th marked being 41/42 weeks pregnant depending on which country we were following (once again, gotta love due dates). Chris had taken Friday the day before off as the beginning of his maternity leave anticipating baby by end of the holiday weekend but also having the freedom to reset his maternity leave and go back to work Tuesday if baby still hadn't arrived. Friday was spent as a low key, no pressure day just enjoying ourselves at home. It was fabulous just lazing around the house but come Saturday we were already feeling cooped up and looking for something to do. We live in an incredibly beautiful part of the country where mountains and the ocean are just a short drive away. I honestly couldn't imagine calling any other part of the country home base. To get us out of the house we took a last minute afternoon trip (like 10 minutes before nap time we said, "lets go north!") up to Port Townsend.

Port Townsend is known for its Victorian buildings from the late 1800's and is part of the US National Historic Landmark District. This quaint town is also known as the "city of dreams" because back in the late 1700's it was thought to become the largest harbor on the West Coast, but the depression caused the rail system to not reach the port ending the booming growth. End history lesson... After some window shopping and sampling at the Lively Olive Tasting Bar downtown (If we still had money in our grocery budget I would have left with at least 4 bottles of flavored olive oils and vinegars, so good!) walked over to the playground to get Gabriel's wiggles out. Chris and I thought playing on the slide and climbing on the structure would be much enjoyed per usual but our sweet boy walked straight passed the playground equipment without a blink of an eye and onto the beach to throw pebbles. As I watched Gabriel cheer on Chris as he skipped rocks I soaked up and lock away the moment as most likely one of the last ones we'll have together as a family of just three.

I'd been putting off more elevated and intense workouts the past two weeks with our care provider being in transition. I hadn't wanted to go into labor before the transition was completely established without the necessary equipment. After getting home from Port Townsend I was eager to get in a good workout since we were as prepared as we could be to go into labor. I hit it hard with a High Intensity Interval Training workout where I tried with all my might to put in all 110%.

That night after my workout and bouncing on the yoga ball, I stood up to head upstairs for bed and everything felt different. I told Chris that if the baby was any lower s/he'd be crowning and if my hip joints were any looser my legs would fall off. This sensation in addition to a couple low key contractions while window shopping earlier was not enough to convincingly hint at how things were going to play out over the next 11 hours.

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  1. We love Port Townsend! We usually go to the beach at Fort Worden and then get ice cream in town after:) It's so pretty up there...I think it was the perfect place to have a last family of 3 outing.

  2. We have actually eaten in PT yet even though they have so many great places! Most of the time we head up there when our entertainment budget is low/gone because it's so enjoyable just to walk around but every time we say, "we got to come up here when we have money to spend!" :)

  3. Woo! Exciting! And the night before Little A was born we went out for ice cream and we enjoyed every minute of it as our last outing as a family of three, too!

  4. I love that we'll forever have those last little memories don't you?


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