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Sunday, August 10, 2014

39 Week Pregnancy Update

How Far Along: 39 weeks... or is it 38? So I'm not sure if I've touched on this yet but we were given two due dates, one at 6 weeks along while in the US and one at 20 weeks along while in Japan. The due date we were given at 20 weeks is the one we decided to start using (August 16th) because it was what we thought our due date was based off of ovulation and conception. However, the US is still sticking to the due date I got at 6week because I never did a later ultrasound for them. What this basically boils down to is that since doctors let you go to 42 weeks before inducing we have a window of 0-4 weeks until baby... 4 weeks... yea that puts baby in September. SEPTEMBER. 

Feeling: It has been quite a week. Chris has worked a crazy load of overtime this week, waking up at 3am to leave for work, which resulted in him working himself sick by the end of the week. We have felt pretty spread thin recently since Chris' longer work days make my days longer as well and it just seems like we keep spiraling deeper and deeper into exhaustion. I remember being at this point with my first pregnancy, maternity leave and being up with a newborn actually sounds nicer, and based off of last time will be nicer to us than what is going on now. 

The weather has been staying pretty warm and getting hotter again. It was a hot summer two years ago but with that pregnancy I had gained more weight and I definitely don't feel as hot this time. 

As expected we're just feeling ready to be done. I waiver between being confident and anxious with the impending labor. I was unfortunately informed I'm GBS+ again which means that I'm not going to be able to labor much at home (if at all) since I need to get the antibiotics to protect baby. It also means that I'll most likely need an IV shuttle (huge stress and anxiety trigger for me) when I enter the hospital though I'm going to inquire about an injection antibiotic as an IV drip alternative.
Weight Gain: 24lbs

Wedding Rings on or off: They fit in the morning but I'm not wearing them because the heat makes them too tight by the end of the day. 

Stretch Marks: None.  

Linea Nigra: Still none.  

Exercise: Walking, walking, walking. No BeachBody workouts this last week. 

Maternity Clothes: Yep! I just dipped into Chris t-shirts last night for sleeping. I started wearing his clothes about 3 months earlier in my first pregnancy, it's what motivated him to take me shopping for maternity clothes. 

Nursery: We were passed off a mattress from a gal in the area who was given it from a mutual friend of ours! So awesome. So yes, nursery is ready but probably could use a good straightening. 

Movement: Kick, kick, kick! Baby dropped a week ago so that softened the kicking and opened up the space inside. 

Symptoms: A couple cases of Braxton Hicks but no contractions yet. Once I start feeling a couple subtle contractions I anticipate water breaking won't be far behind, based off last time of course. 

Sleep: What sleep? 

Cravings: Water, water, and more water.

What I Miss: Comfortable sleep, being able to shave my legs and touch my toes. 

Best Moment This Week: Gabriel and I spent a morning with a friend checking out tide pools up north. It was so fun watching Gabriel touch starfish for the first time, splashing in the water, digging in the dirt, and just enjoying life. 

Looking Forward To: Learning if baby is a girl or boy! 

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  1. Oh my gosh, soooo exciting!! You're almost there pretty much any day now. And you look GREAT for 39 weeks, man I think I looked like a freak zombie with a permanent scowl on my face haha! I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry too much about the labor issues, just breathe and remain calm, everything will flow smoothly!!

  2. You look fantastic! I love that scarf. Hope things settle down a bit and you can have a bit of time to relax before baby gets here! Good luck, and I look forward to your big news! :)

  3. You look great!! You should have seen me at 39 weeks...oy. Love your scarf!

  4. You look great! I hope you have baby sooner rather than later! I will be 36 on Wednesday, and now that we are done traveling I can finally relax and just wait for her to come. Good luck! Can't wait to hear if you have a boy or girl!

  5. You're looking great Mama and you're almost there!

    If you want a walking buddy, let me know...I might be able to make it:)

  6. Congratulations, Lena, you look great! Im a newbie on your page. You will be just great for delivery! :) just wanted to give best wishes cause you're almost there!! Hugs jenn

  7. Hi Lena, Good Luck! I've not visited before but I have to say you look amazing! Baby will come when it's ready, I gather this is number 2 for you. If you want advice (and you probably don't but here goes anyway) Just don't expect it to go exactly the same as last time. I remember doing that, thinking "I've done this all before - how hard can it be!" BIG shock mid way through! It may be the same, it may be completely different. Just go with it - soon you will have a BABY in your arms - eeekkk, how exciting. You'll be able to see it's little I'm feeling really broody!

  8. Saint should read idiot. ;) I swore with the last one that I was never going to have a summer baby ever again and now I am due the day after my first child's birthday. Thanks Jessie!

  9. It's such a crazy part of pregnancy because of that 'any day, any moment' part! Thanks for the encouragement Jessica, no matter how labor goes in the end there will be a baby. :)

  10. Thanks! I bought it years ago in college, nice that it's a piece that still works!

  11. Did you follow the link to my 39weeks post/photo from my last pregnancy? haha

  12. Same here! You aren't that far behind! I can't wait either, SO EXCITED!

  13. Thanks for the offer! I think I'm at the point though that I'm going to start trying RUN this baby out rather than walk it out. ;)

  14. Welcome Jenn! Thanks for the positive vibes! Really helps boost my confidence. XO

  15. FOR SURE! Yea it's one of those things that you know there is no way it can go exactly the same (and that's really the hope... PRAYING it goes differently this time) but there is nothing else to base it off. I'd be pretty surprised though if it started differently, all the women in my mom's family have started pregnancy the same way- it's sort of this crazy rarity. Guess the genetics run strong! Baby, SO SOON! :)

  16. :) I know it's so hard to wait!


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