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Monday, July 14, 2014

35 Weeks Pregnant- Camping at Lake Wenatchee

Pregnancy is quickly progressing towards the end result- I'm feeling it more and more. It's getting harder for me to keep my hormones/emotions in check, thank goodness for a wonderful husband who picks up the pieces while I am falling apart!

We've moved Gabriel into his room so now the nursery is open and I'm slowly organizing it with Gabriel's Newborn through 9 month clothes! I pulled out the most gender neutral items I can find, we'll see if I'll go back for the more boyish items or if I'll be needing to go out and buy some girly pieces!

We have so many more things on our to-do list to knock out but my anxiety levels are getting higher and higher (and energy levels getting lower and lower) so I'm needing to limit my commitments in order to keep that in check. What that means is I'm starting to keep a lower profile with slower days at home. I'm trying to be better about doing what's best for Gabriel and I rather than doing what I feel like is expected or desired of me from others. Having people over hasn't seemed to be an issue but venturing more than 15 minutes away visiting others is a little more challenging since more often than not it means I lose Gabriel's nap time. Nap time is more precious than gold and more valuable than any item of worth on the planet right now, no exaggeration.

This past weekend we had the 2nd annual Voth camping trip at Lake Wenatchee with Chris' brother and his immediate family. Camping at Lake Wenatchee was a annual trip I made with my siblings and dad when I was growing up so it's so fun and sentimental to me that we're continuing the tradition with the Voth family!

I booked the campsite back in February and didn't think twice that I'd be 35 weeks along. As the date got closer I started getting skeptical about the whole thing but fortunately the four day, three night trip was absolutely wonderful and I wish I could still be there right now. We always love and cherish the time with have with Mike and Sarah, yes they are family but also two of our best friends! As if having fabulous company wasn't enough we also enjoyed INCREDIBLE camping food (stuffed french toast, steak fajitas, pizza pockets, roasted vegetable medley, campfire baked blueberry muffins), a trip to the always lovely German inspired town of  Leavenworth, and the crystal clear waters of Lake Wenatchee.

We left early Thursday morning but not before picking up our now 2nd annual tradition of grabbing a maple bar and Starbucks first!

We decided to take the ferry because riding a ferry, though more expensive than driving around the Puget Sound, is the far more enjoyable route! I mean, isn't it gorgeous?! If you look really hard you can see Mt. Baker in the background above the ferry dock! It looked far more grand in person, the below picture does not do it justice.

For lunch we stopped at Zeke's drive-in which was part of my childhood tradition. The burger really hit the spot for my pregnancy cravings, I talked about that burger for the rest of the ride to Lake Wenatchee!

We tried out another new site this time and it actually worked out really well for us! It was spacious and flat which allowed for great roaming space for the toddlers.

Chris and I got a new tent this summer because our tent broke last year. We went with the REI Kingdom 6 which we thought was pretty grand until our neighbors showed up with a Kingdom 8 and we saw that one side (the tent has a separator to make two rooms) is big enough for a queen bed or two twin beds! The 6 was great but if we had the 8 both Chris and I could sleep on a twin air mattress (I had a twin air mattress and he was on a skinny backpacking mat), two wouldn't fit on one side in the 6. It was wonderful having two rooms in the though because it allowed us to let Gabriel sleep in a Pack-n-Play on one side and us on the other. We've flirted with the idea of upgrading to the 8.

The boys absolutely LOVED camping but man were they wiped out quickly each day. Napping and sleeping was a tricky situation with how hot it was during the day and cold during the night. We had to put them down with little to no clothes on and then sneak blankets on them during the middle of the night. Look at those tired eyes below!

Like I said, it was so incredibly hot however the lake is very cold and that was completely wonderful during the day. The boys loved playing at the shore in the water and sand and us adults loved cooling off in the water.

Before heading home we walked the campground scoping out other sites for next year! We really loved our time this year and am so excited for future trips! Lake Wenatchee is such a fabulous place for a family camping trip with the lake, playground, horses, amphitheater, trails, and Leavenworth nearby! Last year we had babies, this year we had toddlers, and next year there we'll have little kids and bab(ies)!

It really was no big deal camping so far along for a few reasons:
  • I made sure to have ALL my pillows (3)
  • The campsite was near the bathrooms  
  • We had a way to stay cool during the high heat (lake)
  • There were shower facilities and flushing toilets 
Have you been camping pregnant? Would you? 

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  1. I think I'd only go camping if I could sleep on an air mattress and bring my massive pregnancy pillow:) It looks and sounds like you guys had a great time! I haven't gotten over to that part of the state but it's on our to do list. I might have to move it up a few spots!

  2. Oh hey sexy bikini! Sounds like a great trip! I can't wait to hear more about it and how G did sleeping in the tent. Also glad I fit inside the 15 minute perimeter for visits! :) Haha although I totally understand if you ever need us to come to you! Love you friend!

  3. Oh my gosh, this trip sounds like SO much fun!! I can't say that I would want to camp at 35 weeks pregnant, but I'm not much of a camper tobegin with... maybe when Scarlett is a little older and not requiring naps :)

  4. Oh my goodness! This is the best!!! I camped last year while pregnant, early on, comfort wasn't a big deal, but the smells . . . oh the smells made things not so fun. The heat got to me as well. It was okay, but not great. We camped last week with Evey, I think I'll take camping with a 3 month old over camping 30+ weeks pregnant! You are amazing! Love those photos! Especially the tired eyes photo, too cute!

  5. The air mattress is a must, even when I am not pregnant I wouldn't go without one. Yes you do! Really is one of our favorite places in Washington. Have you done Leavenworth yet? If you can do that in the winter it's so worth the trip!

  6. Haha, thanks. A VS purchase I made before a trip to Australia with Chris' family while we were engaged. Wearing all those bikinis all day every day laying on the beach with my fiancé probably wasn't the "nicest" thing to do to him while we were engaged and not yet married if you know what I mean. ;)

  7. It really wasn't that bad but yes I have camped a lot in my life. :) You're right, probably not when you should start camping haha.

  8. We still talk about camping at Deworshack (spelling) with you guys in college, SO FUN!


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