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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Life Currently vol.2

A couple weeks ago I linked up with A Mama Collective for there weekly 'Currently' link up party. I'm joining them today and by doing so I'm sharing with you all what life has been like recently and sprinkling photos from the last week throughout! What's currently going on with you?

Thinking About: How the heck I'm going to balance errands with a toddler and a newborn?! With Gabriel being potty trained the time spent in each store has doubled tripled quadrupled lengthened with all the trips to the bathroom we take! It's new, exciting, and interesting to go to the bathroom in public restrooms (eew) so one 10 minute stop (okay lets be real, does anyone ever take only 10 minutes in target? Lets just go with this for the sake of the story) into Target usually turns into 20-30 because of the three trips to the bathroom- one as soon as we get there, one part way through shopping and one at the end. How is this all going to flow with a second child? Right now I see a lot of baby wearing happening rather than a baby sitting in the cart in a car seat. Any thoughts you mamas of 2+ kiddos? Phew!

Reading: Still working through the Christian Natural Childbirth book and hoping to start BabyWise soon so I don't wind up having a baby waking 10+ times a night between the ages of 6mo-10mo. On that note, I should add to the 'thinking about' that I'm thinking about dreading having to wake up and and be up for 40ish minutes at a time throughout the night to feed a baby! Speaking of which, a blogging friend of mine posted a great read about breastfeeding (something I read a couple days ago so totally appropriate to mention here) last week that completely resonated with me. It was a vent post, not to cause a reaction or offend anyone but to shed some light and clear something up. To sum the post up it was about mamas and women assume that other mamas who breastfed do so because it came easily and natural to them when honestly I don't think breast feeding is actually easy or natural for anyone- its a lot of work and a crazy commitment. It was just refreshing and something I could deeply relate to.

Listening To: Getting reacquainted with the sounds of our house, listening to Gabriel gleefully play with his "new"old toys as well as explore our back and front year. The birds chirping in the morning is a sweet change from the horns of the destroyers docked across the bay startling me awake every morning while living in Japan. It's also nice listening to the silence- we lived right next to the busy highway in Yokosuka and now we're back in our quaint neighborhood. I know I have done a lot of complaining about being home but there really are things I do enjoy here more; please remind me of this when I start rambling otherwise.

Watching: Baby moving in my belly! I've been able to see little kicks here and there for some time but being 30weeks they are getting to be far more obvious and impossible to ignore. I imagine the rolling movement will start soon.

Along with listening to Gabriel squeal and talk about his new surroundings I've enjoyed watching him explore every inch of our house and yard again. Everything is so interesting to him, he's really loved helping out in the yard with picking rocks, pulling weeds, digging holes, filling holes, mixing cement, you name it he is there with a smile! How do we bottle up this willingness to work and do chores so we can marinate him in it later?!

Thankful For: Friends and family who have been so eager to see us but also very patient and full of grace towards me and my 'transition' time. After taking a really chill week and super slow weekend compared to our first one back home, I think I'm finally making progress towards navigating my way back to our new normal.

Gabe is still trying to take a nap around 9:30-10am which has a little to do with jet lag I am sure but also because he wakes up at 6am (goes to be at 7pm and even if he goes to be later he is still up at 6am). It wouldn't be that big of a deal but usually 9am is the earliest stores open and other friends can/want to hangout because they aren't crazies like us and rise with the sun. If you're someone who's up for 7/8am playdates hit me up, PLEASE!

This one is silly but I'm also thankful for have my thriving Kombucha back. I posted a picture of my gorgeously creamy and healthy scoby on instagram recently, I just could never accomplish that in Japan! I don't' know if it was the water, the climate, my starting scoby or what! My tummy is just really happy to be getting those wonderfully tasty probiotics again!

Wishing: That my energy doesn't deplete too fast in the next 10 weeks. Chris finished the retaining wall for the vegetable garden so I need to get busy on planting my seeds! I filled some pots with herb seeds a couple days ago and I hope Gabriel's tampering hasn't made too much of a fuss for those little guys. I'm also halfway done with refinishing my craft hutch to match the downstairs so I can get my crafting moved from Gabriel's soon-to-be room to the family room that is transitioning into my crafting space. More energy or at least not losing any more would be very nice but totally wishful thinking, hence why it's under 'wishing.'

Also wishing you all have a fabulous week! Happy Monday!
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  1. For me, balancing the toddler/infant thing just happened. I mean you just kind of do it... and learn along the way. Because you just have to! Ha! I know that's not very encouraging... I guess my advice is don't stress about it.... don't think of "failed" outings as failures, just learning experiences!

  2. Loved this, Lena! I look forward to reading that breastfeeding article, thank you for sharing it with us :) And I hear you on being nervous about the transition. It's a hard time, but try to take one day at a time. I REALLY struggled when we went to three... I felt so alone and so misunderstood. You will do great. And if anything, we will be here for you :) And I wish I lived near you -- we're up at 5am!! (And same with Gabriel, it doesn't matter when my girls go to sleep, they're up at the same time every morning!) ~Jenna

  3. I think about that transition to two and it really worries me too! It's good to know you will have a lot of supportive women around to help!

  4. Oh my gosh, I love reading about potty training- my son is almost two and I'm thinking it's time to bite the bullet and start potty training. But I'm terrified!
    Also, there's nothing better than baby kicks and weird moving bellies. :)

  5. I'm totally down with 7/8AM playdates! Now if only we weren't a million miles away! :)

  6. haha you are so right! Yea, I assume it will just sort of figure itself out because there really isn't another option but still anxious for it! :) Got to keep praying for grace and flexibility!

  7. Interesting, I've heard from many with three that the jump from 2-3 isn't as bad as 1-2. We have talked about having at least 3 if not 4 so hearing that the jump from 2-3 was "easier" was really encouraging! haha I think we can all agree that going from no kids to one single kid really is the biggest hurtle.

    Seriously, I really need other early risers in my area!

  8. Seriously Andrea! I feel like most days we have a good thing going, I know it's selfish but I don't want to mess that up!

  9. Never too early! We started at 4 months. :) We're a bit odd though but it totally worked for us and we were don't with pooper diapers at 6 months so we're totally going to put the work in early again with this second one!

  10. Oh man! That would be perfect!

  11. I have the same fear about two kids, we've only been sleeping through the night for about 2 months and it is amazing! How old is Gabe again? When did you start potty training?

  12. Gabe will be 22 months next week. Okay so we're a little crazy, we started 'potty training' at 4 months but what we did was actually called ECing (evacuation communication). We haven't changed poopy diapers since 6mo and slowly began catching more pees. Once he could reach the toilet standing and peeing there was no turning back. He's been in underwear full time (minus naps) at home for a few months and full time home (minus naps) and errands for several weeks and we're doing great! You can search ECing on my blog. :)

  13. You are right breastfeeding is not easy. It takes extreme commitment, long hours and you can't ask for help from your significant other. I loved the time that I had with my children when I breastfeed, but I was exhausted a lot those first 6 months and breastfeeding isn't rainbows & unicorns!!

    Those dried strawberries look heavenly right now! Mmmm

    Take a deep breath momma. Sounds like you are doing an amazing job. Just keep it up and take a moment to yourself when you need it!!

    Stopping by from the Currently link up. I am Becky with Choose Happy :)

  14. It's so good to hear an update! I'm glad you're settling in and getting used to the new normal. I'm also glad that EC has worked out for you guys, by the way. We got a late start with Phoebe, but it's going well now that we're settled into a nice routine, and it continues to be a great fit for our family.

    Since you asked, here my practical tips on shopping with little ones:

    a) You called it: wear the littlest one in a carrier. (We usually run errands during Phoebe's morning nap, so she sleeps in the Beco while I grocery shop.)
    b) Keep those expectations low: I typically only run one errand at a time, unless the others are within walking distance of the grocery store. Much more than that and everyone gets tired and grumpy.

    But most importantly, you'll figure it out. You really will! And Gabriel will (most likely) be able to go longer between bathroom breaks/lose interest in the novelty of public restrooms and reach a point where he's able to wait until you get home.


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