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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

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Thinking about: We cannot believe we have gone 22 months without taking a night for just US! Sure we have gone on a handful of date (and by handful I mean probably about five) since Gabriel was born in August of 2012 but never an over night until last week. It was so incredibly good for us and we're thinking we need to try and make it more of a 6-12 months sort of thing rather than every two years.


We had a fabulous dinner experience that look very unassuming from the outside (I honestly thought Chris was leading me to the wrong entry and that the door was going to be locked when he went to open it) but the door did indeed open up and I felt like I was walking into another world! Immediately as you walk in there is an impressive staircase leading down to a floor where a baby grand piano, dimly light seating, and rose petals across our table awaited. The waiters wore suites/tuxes, escorted you to the restroom and did quite a bit of table side service.

 Since the day I met Chris he has compared every steak to a place he ate at in Washington DC years ago and up until this night a steak has never been quite as good- he found a new winner. I guess it now goes without saying that the meal was the best either of us have ever had!

We stayed the night at a resort pretty local to us on the Hood Canal, one that we have actually be to before! Because of its gorgeous location on the water in the middle of nowhere it reminds me a lot of the movie Dirty Dancing. After a swim in the pool we got to fall asleep for the first time without either of us having to wake up at 6am with a child- I still of course woke up just after 6 but manage to doze on and off again in bed for another 2 hours until Chris woke.

Originally we talked about renting some kayaks or paddle boats but the weather just wasn't quite warm enough and Chris forgot to bring any shoes besides his dress shoes so after breakfast we made our way home. We got home just before Gabriel woke up from his afternoon nap, so sweet to great that cherub face of his after his nap! We took the rest of the day slow and had fun setting up our new tent for the first time! It was the perfect day to us.

Reading:  I read a lot about car seats this last week. Gabriel has lived half his life in Japan and half his life in the States which means he has only ridden in a car seat half his life (Japan we walk or ride the train). Each time we get home I feel like I go through this paranoia of whether or not I'm using the car seat the "right" way. In the last four weeks we have gone back and forth between seating him rear face or forward facing- poor kid never knows what to expect when he get to the car. He's a tall kid, there are no if ands or buts about it and between his height and being almost two we figured we were "supposed" to put him forward even though rear is safer. Well, after reading THIS article (site is currently down unfortunately) we'll be keeping little man rear facing for awhile longer; the post debunks many of the myths behind switching a child to forward facing. Did you know that though legally you can switch a child to forward facing at one year old it's highly recommended to keep them rear facing closer to 4?!

Listening to: So many fits.... Where did this child come from? The stubbornness that he inherited from both of us (mainly me) is really coming out right now! My mom said that I've just had it super easy with him the last two years and that this is "normal." Though I sort of believe her, I also refuse to accept it. We've had many learning opportunities lately.

Watching: To-do lists get accomplished! We have so many lists throughout the house, seriously every where you look there is a list. I'm sort of a list maker to begin with but with not being home for much of this pregnancy and a quickly approaching due date, the list making goes to a whole new level! Some days the progress is super satisfying, other times it's not and then of course we have weekends where we are trying to take on the entire world and wind up just becoming a hot mess. We're getting there though and at the end of the day none of it really needs to get done before baby's arrival, need to keep that in mind.

I'm also watching our garden start to sprout! So grateful for how hubs came home and built a retaining wall so quickly, I now have beans, lettuce, and carrots coming up! A sweet friend of mine also saved me some starts so I have kale, spotted greens, a pepper, and a squash all thriving too! Super exciting.

Thankful for: A son who loves just cuddling on the couch and reading books. Mornings that I wake up more tired than I was going to bed (I really do not care for pregnancy) I am incredibly grateful that our son loves sitting on our lap or next to us and being read to.

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  1. What a fun night away! Gorgeous photos!! Having time away is so important, even it is only for a few hours.

    Stopping by from the link up! I am Becky with Choose Happy :)

  2. Lena you are stunning!! Happy anniversary so fun to have a getaway just the two of you before the new baby. How sweet that Gabe enjoys cuddling, a girl can dream haha.

  3. Great post! Looks like you guys have a lot going on right now!! You are such a beautiful expecting mama!

    In regards to the car seat safety I am so with you! Scarlett is still rear facing because after doing a lot of research I am blown away at the fact that you are legally allowed to turn to forward facing at a year old, and even more blown away at how many people actually do. I feel like this is one of those things that we will look back on years from now and say "I can't believe the law was to turn babies around at a year". I am always paranoid I'm using the car seat wrong also, car seat safety is something I am a little too obsessive about. We will also be keeping Scarlett rear facing as long as possible and by how petite she is she will probably stay rear facing until she is in kindergarten hahah!

  4. Also, how awesome that you guys went for an overnight date night! Adam and I have yet to do this... I don't see it in our near future but it is much needed I'm sure!

  5. Looks like you guys had a gorgeous getaway...that resort looks just about perfect! We still haven't been away from Riggs overnight, but I'm thinking we will be forced to soon if baby comes during the night! Not sure I'm ready, I know he'd do great! :)

  6. Sounds like a great garden! All that fresh produce. Good for you for taking some time away. I am totally jealous of your sleep ;) It's so important to have moments with just your husband to keep your marriage strong, so way to do it!

  7. Hey becky! Thanks for stopping by! Wow, talk about late to responding huh, sorry! Love to go visit you! :)

  8. Thanks! It was so fun to dress up- hasn't happened for a VERY long time. He's getting more and more cuddly as I get closer to due date, maybe he "knows"?

  9. That's so sweet for you to say Tawnya, as you know (or maybe you don't, which would be awesome for you!) pregnancy doesn't really make you feel all that gorgeous.

    Kind of like our grandparents used to just have their babies (our parents) sit on the floor boards of the car- crazy! Yea, I think you got to do what your comfortable with and for us that's rear facing as long as possible. Unfortunately Gabriel rides the 97th percentile for height (at 22 months he was 36") so I'm not sure if we'll be able to much after 3 but we'll see!

  10. Hopefully you'll find a way to get around to it! We're definitely going to try and make it happen sooner with the next though it did help that I wasn't nursing anymore.

  11. It was a little weird at first but honestly we had such a great time together we sort of forgot about it. Of course we talked about him a lot but it was so special for us to just be us that we weren't really saddened. :) We also knew he was in very good hands. He mentions grandma every night STILL!

  12. Yea I don't think we fully realized how important it is until we did it!


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