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Friday, June 6, 2014

30 Weeks Pregnant! 69 Days Until Baby

How Far Along: 30 weeks

Feeling: Well it has been a sort of rocky transition back to The States mentally and emotionally. My life in Japan is just so much calmer with less obligations and demands. I can walk or train everywhere I need to go, I play at the park ever day across the street and have complimentary house cleaning once a week. Life is just slower and simpler and that works for me. Here at home I'm back to driving (which I don't care for at all), cleaning a house (that is quite a bit bigger than our Japanese apartment), I don't have a park across the street, my friends aren't all living in the same building so playdates take more planning and travel time, and on and on and on... It has been a bit much for me.

Continued varicose pain. I'm usually limping a little by the end of the day. They are now down past the back of my right knee and becoming more and more prevalent on the front of my leg. I talked to my doctor about them at my first prenatal appointment back and he said that unfortunately many insurances consider it an elective surgery because many woman don't experience pain and just complain about them because of the look. Hold the phone, some women have these without the PAIN?! I couldn't believe that knowing how horribly mine throb and ache all day. I'm praying the inflammation and pain will calm after baby is born but either way we have already decided that I'm going to go in for a consult post baby and pre-Japan 2015, having one bum leg just isn't going to work for this momma. 

Also feeling pretty frustrated/confused/sad/angered over my 50mm 1.4f lens! It was THE best lens purchase and I've only had it for a year. I've really been looking forward to having a 50mm for the newborn stage (inside pictures that are sharp without the harsh lens shocking those poor little fresh pupils) and today I discovered that I can't even manually focus it! At first I thought it was just a problem with the auto-focus but not even manual works. Kind of at a loss of what to do since we bought it in Japan and can't locate any proof of purchase. Going to try and work it out through Nikon, then the next plan is taking it to the store to hopefully get repair and last resort is buying a new one. Huge purchase but one I consider necessary if it comes to that. So sad. 

Gosh, complaining much? Lets move on with this post... 

Size of Baby: Large cabbage- roughly 11.8 inches and almost 3lbs

Gender: We are so positive it's a girl that we forget we don't actually know. Funny to see how much not knowing bothers others more than it bothers us. 

Weight Gain: Went to my first prenatal appointment since 6weeks along and according to the doctor I'm up 11 pounds. Fascinates me how different this pregnancy is- I was up at least 35lbs by this point with the first pregnancy. 

Ring on or off: ON!!! I as only wearing my wedding band at this point with Gabriel. I found my faux wedding band from my first pregnancy (what I wore when I couldn't fit my real one) in the drawer the other day and tried it on and it's still huge. Again, such a different pregnancy. 

Exercise: In Japan I was borrowing a friend's T25. I ordered one for myself to use once we got home but it got lost in the mail, it should be here in a week. In the mean time I've been loving TurboFire Low HIIT (low impact, high intensity interval training). I visited a chiropractor for the first time the other day concerning my sciatic nerve pain and after working out a spasm and readjusting some lower vertebras I was told no exercise beside walking and some yoga for the next few days, boo. 

Maternity Clothes: Now that I am back home I have a lot more options but much of what I wore last pregnancy at this point is still a tab big. Continuing to wear quite a bit of my non-maternity but tall sized clothes. 

Nursery: I tried to convince Chris to let me paint the orange accents pink because of how sure I am it's a girl. Though he thinks baby is a girl too, he said no. Excitingly though, my dad and step mom bought Gabriel a new crib so that baby will actually get to use a crib in the nursery once home from the hospital instead of sleeping in a pack-n-play. We really need to start working on Gabriel's room, ideally I'd like him in his new space for a month before baby comes. So we have about a month to get that place together. 

Movement: Movement is starting to transition from cute and sweet to not so awesome... Room is quickly disappearing! 

Symptoms: Varicose and sciatic as mentioned. Just climbing our stairs is starting to wind me. Oh and those pregnancy emotions and mood swings have been raging this week! I wouldn't be surprised if Chris starts ignoring my phone calls at work... 

Sleep: Our new bed is AMAZING!!! Seriously sleeping so much better. I'm not used to a king so I'm still sleeping right on the edge of the bed. Chris will meander my way to snuggle but pregnant and claustrophobic me usually not so gently or lovingly suggests that he scoots way back over to his side. Love you honey. 

Cravings: Water! Drinking at least 12 cups a day and still wanting more. 

What I Miss: Being able to easily pick things off the floor and walk the stairs without getting winded. 

Best Moment This Week: Getting to see my sweet friend Kelly, missed that girl! Exactly what I needed after having a hot mess of a morning when Gabriel locked us out of the master bedroom minutes before I needed to go to my doctor's appointment.  

Looking Forward To: Anniversary one-night getaway! Our 4th anniversary is in two weeks and we haven't celebrated since our 1st which was a complete disaster. We forgot our 2nd and then our 3rd we were in Japan and a couple days from flying home- said we'd celebrate when we got home and then forgot. We're dressing up, going out to a nice dinner, staying at a resort for an evening and then hopefully playing on the water the day after. So giddy! 
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  1. Oh wow I didn't know the lifestyle in Japan was much more relaxed... and complimentary house cleaning? Sign me up! That sucks about your 50mm!! I have to say though I am jealous, that lense is on the top of my list... I have the 1.8 but I would love the 1.4 for that added crisp factor with my next baby! :)

    You look fantastic! Have fun on your anniversary get away!

    xo Tawnya

  2. Hope you have a fabulous anniversary and that you adjust back to "real" life in the states okay. And so, so sorry about your lens. What a bummer!

  3. I'm so sorry about your lens, that is horrible! I hope it's an easy fix or replaceable through Nikon so you don't have to buy a new one! But after just having one for a few days I agree completely that you'll need it for newborn stage!!

    Also I hear you on the babies movement not being as cute and sweet any more...haha I was just complaining about this to my momma! Hope your legs feel slightly better for the duration of your pregnancy, I can't imagine adding that to the usual symptoms! Hang in there!!


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