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Friday, May 9, 2014

Tokyo Eats (Enoshima): Eggs 'n Things

This trip we learned about a little corner of heaven called Eggs 'n Things. I am a total breakfast junkie and love finding new all breakfast joints or places that serve a mean breakfast. Come to find out we have this restaurant in The States too but I believe it's only in Hawaii. 

The restaurant opens at 9am and we were told that we should get there close to then because it fills up quick and maintains a pretty impressive line throughout the day. We showed up around 10am and had to wait maybe 20 minutes. 

While in line we were given a menu so that we could be sure to know what we wanted to order as soon as we sat down. This made even more sense when the gal took our order- once she plugged it in she said we'd have 17 minutes to eat. What?! I didn't know what was more weird, being given an eating time or for said time being 17 minutes. At first I thought it was going to ruin the experience but the time didn't start until the last meal hit the table (they don't serve everything all at once in Japan) and they nerve pressured us. We made it out of there in the appropriate amount of time comfortably. Ultimately it's a pretty efficient way to do things- make sure there is a continual flow with the line waiting outside.

I (of course) ordered the eggs benedict! I wanted a side order of bacon and was originally told me I couldn't (they thought I was trying to substitute the bacon for the potatoes, substitutions aren't done here and I was never turn down breakfast potatoes, NEVER) but once it was understood I was going to pay for the bacon separately from the eggs benedict things were smoothed out. I made the mistake of expecting 'American' bacon though, wasn't quite what I was hoping for, not bad but not what I wanted.

Before coming I had told Chris that the waffles and pancakes came with a mountain of whip cream so naturally it didn't take him longer than half a second to know he was going to order the strawberry waffles. We both agreed that it was probably best that he ordered a side of scrambled eggs to counterbalance all that sugar!

They had three types of syrups at the table- maple, strawberry, and coconut! The coconut was absolutely amazing! We sampled all of them of course.

Gabriel is a big strawberry fan and who doesn't like whip cream? He loved breakfast just as much as we did and had a hard time finding a second to feed ourselves since he kept wanting something more or needing a little extra assistance.

Next time we go back I would love to try the crepes! The eggs benedict was good but I didn't care much for the greens underneath; the flavor and texture was funny to me. Oh yes, there will be a second visit but probably not until next year.

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  1. I love these flower. I will try even if I never worked with felt. My passion is paper ^_^.
    Thanks for sharing.


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