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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Post Delivery (Self Care) Must Haves

This baby is going to be here before we know it! My mind is starting to get more and more focused on the end of this journey. If it wasn't for a sweet friend of mine who gifted me a 'Post Pregnancy' care package at one of my showers I wouldn't have had the slights clue as to what I needed the first time! I knew that quite a lot was going to happen, ahem, 'down there,' but was completely oblivious to what that actually meant as far as care and healing.

Fortunately even if I didn't have any care package gifted to me that hospital was really gracious with providing me with a lot of products and instruction for care.

Here's a list of what I'm for sure going to have ready and on hand at home before heading to the hospital!

Tucks Hemorrhoid Pads: Strategically placed on a maxi pad in your drawers, these little guys provide a cooling relief to pain and itching.

Dermoplast Spray: This spray provides a much more immediate relief of pain/itch than the pads do.

BEWARE! There are two kinds- a blue can and a red can. The red can has antibacterial and stings like a mother, especially if you have stitches!

Witch Hazel: Place some on a maxi pad and then freeze entire pad, witch hazel is helps sooth and the coolness of the frozen pad will help a sister out as well!

SUPER Maxi Pads: You're going to bleed for a bit and these also provide a surface to put your other necessary items on (i.e. Tucks pads, ice packs, etc) without getting your underwear wet.

Large Comfy/Stretch Underwear: You're going to feel like you're in a huge diaper with all the stuff you pack into your underwear, the hospital (probably) has large disposable diaper like underwear but I wanted to be as "normal" as possible so I opted for purchasing one size up stretchy underwear before going into labor.

Squirt Bottle: You'll be provided one of these at the hospital, make sure you take it home! No wiping after using the bathroom for awhile friend. Eventually you'll move to 'dabbing' but the squirt bottle will be nice for some time. Also helps with calming the itching.

Stool Softener: The thought of having your first bowel movement post delivery is completely terrifying, like think of your worst nightmare and then amp it up about a 100x. I popped these like candy.

Nipple Cream: If you decided to breast feed you're going to want some of this stuff to sooth your nipples- they might crack, bleed, and even develop blisters at first. Cream will help.

Nipple Gel Pads: I really appreciated these when getting through my blister stage, the gel pad feels cool on your nipple so it provides relief from the pain.

Nursing Pads: Sometimes (read a lot of the time) a towel might just be more necessary but when you're out and public and would like to be a little more discrete you can use nursing pads. You place them in your bra to help prevent milk from leaking through your bra and shirt making it obvious to the world that you are a nursing mama. I forgot to wear some to a wedding after having Gabriel and felt liquid dripping in my lap... Thank the Lord the style of my dress and material made it extremely hard to notice I'd completely soaked through. Your boobs will leak when you're overdue for nursing, think about nursing, one will leak while you're nursing on the other, if you hear a baby cry, etc etc... Try to be prepared.

These aren't hard items to track down, I always went to Target for mine. And like I said, the hospital will probably provide you with most of them so don't really worry about taking them with but don't hesitate on getting your hands on extra before leaving!!!

Every experience is different, this just so happened to be mine for my vaginal delivery where stitches were involved and I chose to nurse (read my first birth story here). What are some of your must have care items? I imagine c-section is completely different!

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  1. I was so happy I brought my own underwear to the hospital when I had my son!

  2. I had all of these things, too! The hospital provided me with a lot of them to start and then I bought my own once I ran out, but I especially loved the super stretchy mesh underwear they provided me with. They were better than the cotton ones I had bought for myself, and they provided full coverage and were super light!

  3. One word: AMEN! These are all helping me!

  4. Oh man I feel ya Samantha! Hopefully you are almost on the mend! Things may never feel normal again though... Hate to break it to ya friend! Gotta find the new normal.

  5. Glad you like the hospital undies! Definitely more economical. I just couldn't get over not being in "normal" underwear.

  6. Made a big difference! I brought my own robe too which was also a choice I was very please with. :)


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