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Monday, April 7, 2014

Tokyo Eats: And The Friet

I'm a fry person and shamelessly judge restaurants sometimes solely off the quality of their french fries. So, when I saw a huge line (below is not said huge line, we visited at a time of day that didn't warrant such a line after seeing how crazy it can get) outside a quaint french fry place I just had to taste it for myself.

While in line you get a menu where you pick the combination of your order.
Step One: Single serving of fries or combo meal (includes a meat with fries)
Step Three: Type of fry and cut
Step Four: Seasoning
Step Five: Sauces- homemade mayonnaise, fresh made ketchup, triple cheese, salsa, jalapeƱo salsa, anchovy cream, basil mayonnaise, tartar sauce, sweet chili sour cream, avocado paste
Step Six: Pick a meat if you picked a combo in step one

Most places, especially in Tokyo, have at least one English menu but this one did not have any for passing out. We don't try to expect it and instead feel gracious when there is one since we are in Japan and Japanese is the language and though we have been here several times now we have yet to put in a respectable effort to learn the language. Totally on us. The funny thing though was after struggling with the employee taking orders outside to piece together all the options, once we got inside there was a huge English menu on the wall. If we saw that we would have ordered a few things differently.

We waited for about 45 minutes or more to enter the tiny little joint. Gabriel was such a trooper in the Ergo! We set high expectations yet he more often then not surpasses them, who is this kid?!

If we had wanted to we could have crammed into the small space and ate inside with standing room only but we opted to just take it 'to go' and walk back to the hotel.

Said large English menu below.

We chose regular fries, curly cut fries, fresh ketchup and triple cheese. All and all I think the place was fun for the experience. The Ketchup was not very good at all (I love my fake sugary ketchup), and the regular fries were just so-so. I wish the food was as great as the packaging, awesome right? We both agreed the the curly fries and the cheese sauce were the best out of our choices.

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