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Friday, April 11, 2014

Through Both My Eyes

Freshman year of college a new friend of mine couldn't handle how much I didn't know about music and so burned me a bunch of CDs filled with his favorite artists (and songs) he felt I needed to know, his favorite being John Mayer. Today one of Mayer's songs in particular still resonates with me, 3x5. 

Between my Nikon D90 and iPhone I don't usually find myself in a situation where I am camera-less. Every now and then though even if I do have photo taking means the moment is so overwhelmingly wonderful that I can't possibly imagine being able to capture it accurately in a photo so instead I live in the moment and pray I will never forget a second. Do you know the moments I am taking about? Today that moment lasted dawn 'til dusk. 

Playing puzzles listening to Gabriel learn letter sounds while daddy catches up on sleep. 
Gabriel every now and then quietly walking over to the bedroom door pointing and saying, 'dada.' Watching father and son bond at the zoo with Gabriel sitting high on Chris' shoulders as daddy talks about the animals and G listens intently pointing, talking, and saying, 'whoa!' 
Christopher letting go of all cares and being a total all out goof to get deep belly laughs from Gabriel. Watching Gabriel fully participate in a game of soccer with a group of 5 year old Japanese children completely holding his own and so obviously in his own little version of heaven. 
Little man totally hamming it up to all the people on the train, playing shy then laughing and showing cheek to cheek toothy smiles and waving while saying 'bye-bye' as people exit the train. 
Listening to the sweet words, 'choo-choo' leave Gabriel's lips repetitively while waiting on train platforms. 
Gabriel dancing to the sushi conveyor belt jingle as our food arrives. 
Playing a gestures version of 'Simon says Gabriel does' in-between food deliveries without a hint of self-consciousness from any of us. 
Gabriel requesting family snuggle and play tackle on the bed before 'night-night'.
Not being able to say Good night to Gabriel before reading Hop on Pop, praying (to which Gabriel says, 'may-men,' and giving mom one last kiss before waving us off saying, 'bye-bye.'
Sneaking one last glimpse of sleeping Gabriel before us parents go to bed too. 

I couldn't help but shed a tear periodically throughout the day while continually praising Jesus for the family and life we're building.  These are the days I can't possible capture in picture but will hold in my heart for the the rest of my life. 

These days are made up of the moments that leave me in awe of love and joy. 
The moments that I will never find the appropriate words to express my thankfulness for. 
The moments that I strive to find in each day, by seeing the world through both my eyes. 

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  1. Beautiful Lena, and so true. How desperately we moms and parents hope to capture every last second of their little lives. Love these snippets of yours!

  2. Great post! I love days with the family that aren't necessarily meant to be big memory making days. Enjoying the simple joys of life is so precious. I love catching that last glimpse of my sleeping little man at night time too. :)

  3. beautiful beautiful post my friend! I love those moments. I find I'm always trying to capture them with my phone or camera and therefore Im never just IN the moment! Pray you guys will enjoy many more precious moments as a family of 3, such wonderful times to remember and cherish. :)


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