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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Second Pregnancy: 24 Weeks

Wasn't sure how to go about this update so I took a note from my sweet friend Whitney and used the questions she had on her latest bump post! Whitney lives in Alaska with her husband and toddler boy named Riggs, I strongly encourage you to give her a visit! 

How Far Along? 24 weeks

Size of Baby: A cantaloupe- roughly 11.8 inches and 1.3lbs

Gender: Let you know in 16(ish) weeks! 

Weight Gain: Somewhere between 10-12 pounds. It's crazy how much my appetite is fluctuating these days! Some days I am just starving and after a couple bites I feel more than Thanksgiving full and then other times I can't seem to get full. 

Maternity Clothes: Mainly just bottoms. Most of my tops are long so they are still working even with the bump! 

Nursery: Baby is going straight into the already finished and waiting nursery that we put together for Gabriel. When we get home in a couple weeks we'll be turning the guest room into Gabriel's big boy room (check out my Pinterest Board!). Gabe is still in a crib though so he'll have the crib in his big boy room and the baby will get the pack n' play in the nursery. Once Gabriel transitions to a bed we'll give the crib back to baby. 

Movement: Can definitely tell when baby is awake and sleeping. I can also tell when I'm sitting in a position that baby doesn't care for. No big kicks or jabs yet and still haven't identified limbs but baby is for sure moving. 

Symptoms: The varicose veins have unfortunately progressed down my leg and are pretty prevalent from the top of the back of my right thigh to the back of my knee- the back of my knee now being the worse. Some are even starting to show on the top of my right leg. The pain some days has gone beyond burning and throbbing but actually makes me whole leg feel numb and 100lbs heavier. I'm starting to be self conscience wearing shorts/skirts which is such a mental and emotional battle. Chris reminds me that I visualize it far worse than it actually is but it's still hard. 

I've been doing a lot of squats and lunges (T25 and other BeachBody workout programs) and I've noticed that building the muscles around the thigh has helped but still nervous for 16 weeks of progression. 

Sleep: Lets just say I am so ready to not only get home to our own bed but a new bed we're purchasing as soon as we get home! 

Cravings: Food in general- really looking forward to certain foods and restaurants we have waiting for us back in the states. And SUPER stoked for watermelon!  

What I Miss: Being able to buy "normal" clothes. 

Best Moment This Week: Visiting the poppy fields in Kurihama and playing at the Godzilla park. Chris was surprised with getting a weekend back (thought he wasn't going to have a day off until we got home) but then Saturday he was dead to the world being sick in bed. Thankfully he woke Sunday feeling much better so we got out and about visiting a few fun stores and then off to the park. 

We visited the Poppy Festival and Godzilla park last year. If you'd like to read those posts you can see them here:

Looking Forward To: Flying home in 2 weeks! I was originally pretty stressed out and anxious about doing it solo and as much as I'd prefer to fly with Chris, I am just so crazy ready and excited to get home that I don't even care how it happens. We'll see if I'm singing a different tune when/if it actually happens. 

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  1. You're all baby and looking gorgeous!

  2. You are so gorgeous pregnant, Andrea is right, definitely all baby! I'm sorry about your varicose veins, probably more so for the mental/emotional part than the discomfort (although of course I'm sorry for that too). It's hard enough to have your body change so much without feeling extra self conscious about other issues. Your husbands probably so right that you envision it worse than it is but I know that it's hard not to. Hope it doesn't get worse and that you find peace with wearing shorts and skirts in this upcoming hot weather.

    ps thanks for mentioning my blog too! :)

  3. You look great! Gabriel is so handsome! Can't believe you'll be leaving in 2 weeks already!

  4. I love that we are so close! Only four weeks apart! And I totally feel you on those varicose veins. I have never had a problem with them but they are popping up on my calves. I hope things get better before they get worse!!!

  5. You look so good in all your recent photos, so I'm gonna have to agree with your hubby that you're seeing yourself worse than you look. But I totally understand those feelings so I'm with ya on that. By the end of my second pregnancy, I was sooooooooooo happy to be back in normal clothes and back in my normal body. And a new bed?! Heck yes!

  6. Thanks friend! Hoping it stays that way, pretty focused and intentional with this pregnancy. Not having all those teacher sweets really helps! ;) Oh and the mandatory walking everywhere in Japan.

  7. Thanks Whitney. I feel like each pregnancy comes down harder and harder on the body. Do you feel that way?

  8. I KNOW! The trip has gone by so fast but also feels like I haven't been home FOREVER!

  9. That is pretty fun! There is a good number of bloggers all due around the same time as each other which is pretty great. I heard they are most common to show up on the calves first! Mine decided to start up top and work their way down. I imagine they'll reach the calf by the time I have the baby. Have you heard how easy and painless the surgery for them is now though? My mom had it done back in the day where they literally stripped them and your legs were bandaged tightly for weeks but now it's basically a lunch break procedure! I'm hoping they settle after baby is born and I won't need to do that but it's a nice option.

  10. Thanks! It's so sweet to hear- as you know pregnancy does a number on your view of yourself! :) I think the hardest part is that when I am pregnant I think the normal clothes are the cutest I have seen and can't figure out why they weren't that cute when I could wear them... And then when I am not pregnant I see maternity clothes and think the same thing! :)

  11. yay!! I have been waiting for an update!! you look SO great my friend!! I am so in awe of you doing intense workouts in pregnancy! I just finished up my TRX/Pilates class and I don't think I can manage another 6 week session! haha! Oh and so hear you on the watermelon!!! I need it!!

  12. Gorgeous pictures! I know what you mean about "normal clothes." By the end of my pregnancy I was desperate to wear something that wasn't stretchy. Hang in there mama!


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