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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mom Lovin Hop no.44

Guys, I get to start mailing stuff home next week, NEXT WEEK! We're currently prioritizing our summer projects and purchases, one of which being a NEW BED! When we got married we had Chris' old college bed. A couple years into marriage some friends of ours were giving away their old bed and we picked it up for the guest room until we laid on it and realized that their old bed was better than ours.... So now after sleeping on our friends' toss-out for a couple years we finally decided we should get a new bed, oh and it shall be king sized!

Guest Co-Host this week, V from Sprout's House

V is a teacher, wife and mother to a very girly little four year old! She blogs about restoring their victorian cottage to its former glory, DIY, recipes and the moments of life! Thanks for co-hosting this week V! 

If you are interested in co-hosting FOR FREE shoot Hannah an email at hannahsjoyfullife (at) to get on the list, growing your followers couldn't be easier! 

Our featured mama this week is Meg from Me With the Three

First off, I just want to hop in and live in Megs' blog, so chic! She is mama to two boys and married to her best friend. She blogs about the essentials- photography, food, crafts, family and Jesus. She loves photography and you can see that in her space, looking through her photos makes your feel like you're living those moments right along side her family.

Here we go! Don't forget to... 
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**read the rules, link up and socialize!

Joyful Life

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  1. I LOVE this party!! So different then most link up parties!! What a fun twist. Thanks for hosting

  2. Thanks for hosting - I love this one! :)

  3. So fun! Thanks for hosting...and I'm kinda jealous that you guys are getting a king sized bed. I can understand being excited about that!

  4. Hey! That's me up there! So fun!! Thank you for your sweet words!!

  5. We adore our king-sized bed. You will LOVE it. Also, we have the inspection on our house this Friday! It's about 10ish minutes from you!

  6. Lena...thank you for another fun-filled week of discovering new bloggers! I love this link up party!

  7. Glad you love it too! It's my favorite but I'm obviously bias. ;)

  8. Our pleasure! We do too! Hope you've found some new awesome mamas for your blogging community this week!

  9. We've gone back and forth for a very long time but finally decided that the next bed we get will be our bed for the next 10 years or so... King it is! It's gonna probably be not he floor though for quite some time. ;)

  10. Thank YOU for joining our hop! Your blog has been an open tab on my laptop for about a week now for easy access. Love it!

  11. Oh no argument there! I'm just not excited about buying a new down and bedding for it.

  12. Don't worry! My parents didn't get a nice bed frame until I was in high school. All we have right now is our Ikea frame and somedays I feel like it wouldn't be much different without it, lol. Where are you moving to?

  13. Oh we are just moving back to our house in Wasginton State. We live in Japan 1/3 - 1/2 of the year each year for my husband's job.


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