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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


'Haa.' Gabriel loves trying on hats in stores. 
It has been one of those mommy days were I just want to throw in the towel and quit. Much of being a mom that should understandable wear my thin doesn't really phase me or stress me out but whining is something I have very little tolerance for. Gabriel isn't much of a whiner but when he's cutting four teeth at one time that changes. To try and preserve some grace and calm in my heart I thought I'd focus on something I just adore about Gabriel right now, is pronunciation.

Gabriel is at a place in development where he will try to repeat any word we ask him to. He has quite a few words down pat but many are words I doubt anyone else could identify than us. Inspired by a sweet blogger friend who shares her 'Fernversations' I thought it would be fun to share just snippet of the awesome language of Gabriel.

amen- maymen
Jesus- Jees
please- peas
kombucha- cha
help- hep
legos- le
choo choo train- choo choo
oh man!- omannn
cool- coo
icky- eee-eee
pants- peen
shirt- sure
bath- ba
teeth- tea
floss- fla
orange- orgn
cheese- chee
alright!- ra-righ!
play- pay
yogurt- gurt
water- wa-er
nose- no
park- pak
banana- nana
puzzle- puz
flower- flor
hawk- haw
bird- bur
blanket- blae
soft- saw
Sheep- sheee

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  1. You are always teaching me about parenthood! He sounds absolutely adorable but I'm sorry you're having some mommy stresses right now.

  2. Oh I love this! I did a Cash says post yesterday! Love their little languages!

  3. I'm excited to learn about newborn again through you! If you get a chance, try to get in as many date nights as possible during this time. Gabriel was 8 days late and we had so much fun during that post due date but before baby arrived time. Made us wish we were more intentionally about dating earlier in our marriage! :)

  4. Oh I cannot wait until repeating sentences!!!

  5. I totally saw that when I was working on this post! It's on the top of my read list! :)

  6. He's so cute. :) And dude, Ben has been a whiney butt like no one's business lately...I have low patience for it as well. You're not alone!


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