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Friday, April 18, 2014

Front and Backyard Dreamin'.

If you follow me on Pinterest you know whats been on my mind... It's not only that time of the year but that time of our trip. We're about four weeks from flying back home so my mind is swimming with what to do with our yard, love working in the sun! Unfortunately the budget dictates how much we actually get done but the timeline (baby's due date) does more so. 

The primary yard project is the vegetable garden retaining wall and it will look something like the one pictured three photos down since the location for our bed is on a slope along the house. 

The rest that gets done will be a bonus. I'd just adore the idea of hanging pots off the fence (which we just learned was damaged in a storm a couple months ago, bummer) and would love to dress up the front porch and curb appeal in general. 

Do you have any outdoor or yard inspirations? Maybe you'll add to my list! 
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  1. Love these ideas Lena, the plants on the fence is such a good idea both space-wise and just for curb appeal! I'm really hoping to get our raised beds up and running this year but not sure how realistic it is with new baby coming right in the middle of spring/summer. Can't wait to see what you guys end up doing when you get home!!

  2. If there is progress to be made! I might have (maybe) 13 weeks at home before the baby comes so hopefully I can get SOMETHING done. :)

  3. Haha I know, that's my thing too, that silly baby coming! ;) I could do it now but being Japan kinda puts a damper on it. Our time here keeps creeping longer too. Love it here but man I am ready to go home for the rest of the year!


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