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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree is the tallest tower in the world and the second largest structure in the world reaching the height of 2,080ft. Besides being a crazy tourist trap, the tower is used for broadcasting.

The tower was in the midst of construction on our first trip but opened to the public our second trip, however we didn't get around to visiting. This year we put it on our 'has to happen list' and it wound up being just that- we did it to do it. 

It cost $20 per person to reach the 1st observation deck and $10 per person to get to the second, total that was $60 for both of us together! Pretty steep but sometimes you just suck it up and go for it because that's what you do right? 

There were so many people. So. Many. People. Yes, yes, yes, we are in Tokyo- one of the busiest cities in the world but normally it doesn't feel that way, honest! Today it did. We waited in line for about 45 minutes to smash ourselves into an elevator to then be squished onto an observation deck. Like I said, we did it to say we did it. It's not that we aren't grateful for this 'amazing' experience, but for 1pm on a Tuesday we were very shocked and overwhelmed with the loads of people and it really did take away from the experience.

There are many great places in Tokyo that we are more than willing and excited to visit more than once but Sky Tree will not be one of them. Now if we have some visitors who are dying to go then we'll put a smile on our face and happily be tour guide but as far as our own personal trips go, this was a one time gig! 

We're halfway through the line at this point...

Waiting to get on an elevator.

The second observation deck was much 'calmer.' Gabriel was exhausted by this time and kept trying to lay down and rest in the middle of the ramp. 

Gabriel is not too keen on being held for photos. We try so very hard all the time. Doesn't care. 

Glass bottom observation deck! 

Wide angle kind of stretches out the bump making me not look pregnant, I am. 

 photo flowerburstsignature_zpsb8a612dc.jpg

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