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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tokyo Eats: Soup Stock Tokyo

In the month of February when we spent three weekends in Tokyo we had many opportunities to try new places to eat. A few weeks ago I shared with you the Ramen Amusement Park where I ate some great Ramen only second to Ramen Alley and today I'm sharing with you Soup Stock Tokyo! 

Tokyo Soup Stock is not new to me, I'm been drawn to the look of the quaint little place (but large chain) since our first trip to Japan! It was nice to after three years finally decided to stop in, and now I totally regret that it took that long.

I had lobster bisque! Yes, LOBSTER BISQUE! Oh my heavens, I have craved this soup every day (like the ramen) since it has touched me lips. You picked a soup size, then a soup, a type of bread and a drink. Chris had a vegetable chowder, we both had the focaccia bread, I had an iced tea and Chris had an iced hot chocolate. Everything tasted completely divine!

Random but see the mini water bus car in the above photo? We bought that while on the Hotaluna water bus. It cost about $10 which we both felt was a little steep but thought it would be a fun souvenir for Gabriel (that hopefully doesn't get lost before heading home) and turned out to be one of the coolest most well designed little pullback cars we have ever played with! The thing is completely amazing!

Gabriel loved eating pieces of bread dipped in the soup. I think he preferred mine over Christopher's and though Chris' was good, I did too. That never happens- I always wish I ordered what he had when we go out but for once I made the "better" choice!

There were a few two person tables outside where you could sit and eat your hot soup. Blankets were available for those guests.

I've seen a few of these places around Tokyo but not sure where the closest one to us is. I know there isn't one in Yokosuka but I hope we stumble upon one closer than Tokyo. They also sell their soups in large sealed bags for you to take home to eat, might have to do that the next time I see one! I wounded if I can mail some home on dry ice? Joking but not really.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Lena. I could feel your fear... So glad that you and your husband were safe. The picture of the skyline at night is so eerie. We really do have to be thankful every day, about being alive.

  2. Wow I would eat there every single day! Not only does it sound delicious, but it looks like a really pleasant place to eat. Riggs lived on soup from about 9 to 14 months, that would have been soooo nice!

  3. YUM! So many amazing food choices!

  4. So fun! I love to eat my way through cities when I travel and Tokyo would be awesome!

  5. My mouth is that looked amazing! It looks like such a nice, friendly place too...I love that they have blankets for the people who want to sit outside, how cozy! I would seriously eat there like every day!

  6. It such an inviting little place! I sorta hated writing this post because it made me want it even more! :)

  7. Andrea, it's ridiculous. Thank goodness so much walking is required!

  8. Tokyo is a great city to eat your way through because the food it's very caloric and you walk a lot so it's the perfect marriage . :)

  9. Like I told Whit below, super hard to write this post. I just sat in bed CRAVING it something fierce!


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