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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tokyo Bay Water Bus- Hotaluna

For our first trip to Odaiba Chris really wanted to take a water bus through Tokyo bay. We had to catch the boat from Asakusa near Sky Tree. 

Calling the Hotaluna a water bus doesn't give it justice but I'm not sure of a different name to give it true justice. This boat seems like something straight out of the future- you feel like you are boarding some sort of spacecraft... but for the water. 

Chris wanted to get my photo next to the Hotaluna. Tired much? I think I was about 12 weeks pregnant here and really feeling the first trimester.

There is a little bar as soon as you walk in. This boat also is an option for weddings and lavish parties hence the well stocked and handsome accommodations.

Gabriel was asleep on my back for about 3/4 of the trip which meant I awkwardly sat during most of the trip while Chris giddily walked circles around the boat taking hundreds of photos out all the windows. It was so fun to watch his excitement as we approached bridge after bridge.

I'm not sure what Chris enjoyed more; the futuristic boat or all the bridges that he got to get a good look at by sailing under them. Though his job is far from it now, he is and always will be a structural engineer at heart.

Of all the bridges Chris was most excited about this one and I was too- Rainbow Bridge. Rainbow Bridge is one of Tokyo's many structural attractions. I was "excited" for this one too since it was one that I've heard of.

View of Tokyo Tower from the boat. We haven't been there yet and I'm not sure if we'll make it this year but someday. I don't think there is anything incredibly awesome about it other than just being an attraction that I'll get to say I've been to.

This boat ride was concluded to be a Christopher adventure. It was neat but definitely something we did for Chris and probably not anything I'd be too excited to do again. I did enjoy myself but for me it was one of those experiences I only need to do once, especially since it took twice as long to get to Odaiba this way than it would have on the train. This though might all be my exhausted, uncomfortable, and hungry pregnant self talking... 

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  1. Looks like fun! I can't believe G will sleep on your back in the Ergo! Also, how is sleep going for him in the PNP? Did you end up getting a real mattress for it?

  2. Oh yea he's always been a great sleeper in the Ergo and he LOVES being on the back which is great for us. I think he prefers the Ergo to the stroller actually- wish it wasn't so but makes Tokyo a lot easier.

    The PNP has been great! I felt super silly for thinking it was too small last year when he was 8 months old... Once we lowered it the thing seemed huge! He does great sleeping and seems to have plenty of room.

  3. Beautiful pictures! We have a friend who lives in Tokyo and it never ceases to amaze me the liveliness of that city.

    Looks like you're really experiencing the city! Good for you!


  4. Beautiful photos, Lena! I've never been on that boat before and I don't know if I ever will because I get sea sick pretty easily... But it definitely looks like a great way to experience Tokyo from a different perspective :)

  5. I love all these pictures! I'm your newest follower!
    I would love if you would follow me back

  6. Hey thanks for the follow! I've actually been following you for awhile now. :) Nice to have you stop by!


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