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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Kappabashi Street- The Tokyo Kitchen District

I swear there is a district for everything in Tokyo. I actually had no idea the kitchen district existed until this trip. To be honest I didn't grasp how much Tokyo has to offer, nor how much I haven't seen, until this year.

Kappabashi Street is recognized as the Kitchen District and is where many of the big restaurants go to purchase everything from dishes and kitchen supplies to plastic food displays and uniforms. Anything you can think of to open and run a restaurant you can find right here. 

When searching 'Tokyo' on Pinterest before heading here again I saw these teacup balconies and really wanted to go see them but had no idea where they were. I cannot tell you how excited I got to happen upon an attraction I wasn't planning on seeing!

We were very thankful to have Gabriel in the Ergo when walking through this shop though even wearing an Ergo and a backpack was dangerous. So many beautiful but fragile china sets!

We saw some of the coolest cookie cutters we have every laid our eyes on! We couldn't help but purchase a few. The funny thing is that we never see cookies in Japan... Especially fancy ones like these!

This is the exact same rolling pin I have at home and boy did I miss it once I saw this one! I may have picked it up and gave it a hug. Yes, that happened.

Most shops were so packed from floor to ceiling with very narrow walkways that we passed on most. How do they keep inventory?!

How beautiful is this photo? Yes, I realized how much I also miss my Kitchen Aid. Back home I usually use that puppy once a day! Fortunately I left it with a sweet friend so it's still getting love and care.

These coffee pots (machines?) were so cool! We seriously nearly had an impulse buy. But when we took a step back and reminded ourselves that we have a coffee pot, espresso machine, and Kurig at home we were able to walk away. But so awesome, right?

This seemed very practical to me yet I haven't seen them before in The States. Have you? 

And of course it is (grossly) appropriate to have a giant cockroach on the side of the building. *A Japanese blogging friend of mine informed me that this is actually a beetle!

Okay my canning friends. Have you heard of Welk jars? I LOVED the idea of these more than Balls. Rather than a metal ring with a toss-after-use lid these have reusable glass lids but a toss-away rubber seal. Want to look more into these. 

Seeing something like this in Japan was not surprising- everything is about presentation. It looks 'simple' but I bet it's anything but that. 

And lastly some fake food. Japan is known for it's plastic food displays that look shockingly real. Many restaurants have a fake food display outside our in the window of their restaurant displaying the meals offered. I was blow away at how expensive these displays actually are! Many dishes can set you back $80!

It was so great to actually get to walk this street. The first time we went in the beginning of February it was actually a Japanese holiday and most shops were closed. We return the following week and had the full experience.
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  1. Shay shared about your linkup. I'm following now and visiting new blogs.

  2. I've never been to Kappabashi before! Looks very cool. I think I'd end up buying at least one thing that wasn't on my list of things to buy. (And by the way, that cockroach-looking insect is actually a beetle :) A kind that kids here love to catch!)


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