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Sunday, March 9, 2014

16 Weeks In!

Well we're a tad into the second trimester and realizing that I should probably start thinking about getting a doctor's appointment lined up.

Baby is now the size of an avocado measuring about 4.5 inches long. Baby's is gearing up for another big growth spurt which will result in tripling his/her weight in the next couple weeks! I think I felt a couple kicks the other night, much stronger than I remember feeling with Gabriel. I kept waiting for them to just be some gas rumbling though (always so misleading) but there were none!

Fair warning; I'll be sharing very openly and honestly about my pregnancy experience thus far. Consider yourself warned. 

Things are pretty chill- nausea has departed but still hard to find things that sound good and energy can be hit or miss. I think the big thing I am dealing with is the fact that I'm already experiencing varicose vein pain and having them show back up on the back of my right top thigh and behind me right knee. They are pretty hereditary in my family so I'm not surprised and I did have a couple show about with my first pregnancy but the concerning part is how early they are becoming an issue. 

Going into my first pregnancy when I raised my concerns about varicose veins to my family practice doctor (at the time), he told me that I just shouldn't gain more than 20lbs. This was bothersome on two points now reflecting back on it: (1) varicose veins are not just the product of weight gain (which I will get to) and (2) as any woman knows who has been pregnant, putting a number on weight gain is difficult, cruel, and unrealistic.

I did know going into this pregnancy that I wanted to focus on even healthier choices and eating habits which would most likely (not guaranteed) result in a lower total pregnancy weight gain (i.e. not 54 pounds). I ate more because I felt like I should for the baby and because I was given food all the time and had little to no willpower or nerve to say no. This time around intuitive eating is the forefront of my mind, thanks to my amazing sister in law.

 Ultimately I shouldn't be too worried about the weight gain from last pregnancy because it did indeed come off within a year but to go through that slow process once more is just daunting. Oh my word, this really wasn't supposed to be and isn't a post about weight....

... back to varicose. I have gained somewhere between 3-5 pounds (depending on the day) since getting pregnant and the concern with the veins comes in that fact. In my first pregnancy I didn't start having aching and throbbing veins that were visible until I had gained about 30+ pounds and not until after 30 weeks. Now my legs are already throbbing and this is why I say that there is more to varicose than weight.

I bought some compression hose off Amazon so I hope that will help. After 3 months postpartum with Gabriel my varicose were hardly visible but not too confident I'll be as lucky this time postpartum. I don't get stretch marks, heart burn, hair loss or any of those other crazy pregnancy things but I do get varicose. Not sure if I should be thankful or bummed that this is the case, the grass is always greener. I do know that I most likely will eventually do the varicose surgery that has come a long ways since my mom had it done, but that won't be until I'm done with children unless I can't find peace with my legs before. If they continue to hurt progressively more with each pregnancy that will weigh in too.

On to other pregnancy matters, boobs. No one told me that they would grow bigger the second time around, yikes! Yes, I mean yikes. Engorged nursing boobs have made me cherish and desire the set I once considered too small... I came to Japan wearing my pre pregnancy bras since Gabriel had just finished being weaned and brought my biggest cup bra (as the result of last pregnancy) 'just in case.' Said bra that I was swimming in a month ago is now too tight, how does this happen?!

Have any of you mamas experience varicose with pregnancy? I know I shouldn't sit long or stand long, I also should be active to get the blood flowing, elevate legs when possible, compression hose... What else is there? I'm going to look into using some essential oils, we've had great results from past and current experience with oils so here's hoping!

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  1. Yeah, they're apparently called Japanese Rhinoceros Beetles. I have no idea why they'd put that on the wall though! Lol. Maybe they sell beetle-catching goods at the store? Or maybe it's just a way to attract attention? (Obviously, they've succeeded!)

  2. Wish I could give you helpful advice but I know nothing about varicose veins. I've had some throbbing/aching behind/on the backs of my knees, especially my right knee this time around if I walk more than 2 miles. I looked/had Steve look for any sign of varicose veins but he couldn't see anything. Weird? Anyway I hope you can find some relief and that they don't get much worse. One thing I've noticed this time around is that all my pregnancy symptoms started earlier this time around and have been a little more intense from the start but haven't seemed to get worse. Those pictures are just beautiful, you are a hot mama ;)

  3. Beautiful photos Lena! I've had spider veins in my thighs since I was 14 (from riding horses so hard). I'm sorry you are in such pain, and I would definitely use the oils! Do you have the oils book? You could look in there for some solutions.

  4. Oh so many beautiful dishes! How did you not buy more than cookie cutters!?! :)

  5. Looking in my essentials book: (explains what varicose veins are, etc). Oils: Cypress, lemongrass, lemon, peppermint (all topical primary recommendations). Dilute with carrier oil and apply oils from ankles up the legs...consistent application of oils for an extended period of time is the key. (p 282) You might already have the book so sorry if it is repeat info! :)

  6. Looks like we do indeed have the same book! :) Thanks for helping out friend. :) Yea, I wouldn't be AS bothered by the veins if they didn't hurt. I have no stretch marks from pregnancy but I have plenty from crazy growth spurts as an adolescent. ;) Always something!

  7. My legs do a lot better if I drink way more water then I think I should be drinking, maybe that will help you too? Oh my gosh, yes! Earlier AND more intense.


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