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Friday, February 21, 2014

Welcome Back Friday Favorites!

It's been a couple months since I've done a Friday Favorites. Here's some of what I am enjoying (or wish I was enjoying) this week! 

{Click photo to go to source.}

This totally sums me up this week! A lot of crafting though I have gotten a lot of sweet positive fed back which is nice and assuring. 

I tried this recipe this week and everyone loved it! So delicious and definitely going to make again. I think next time I'll just packet even more veggies in and maybe even some broccoli. 

Our living room is a similar color and I just love the look of this! I want to incorporate some of that gray/blue in our space when I get home. 

No I haven't drank any of this but boy do I want to! I don't drink much and by that I mean maybe a beer or two a month and or a cup of wine. I enjoy the taste but my husband cannot drink due to a health issue thus I too don't drink much at all. However during this pregnancy I have really craved a nice cold beer or tasty glass of wine. I told Chris I want this handed to me the second the baby is born.

We don't have a very big yard at all, not even a quarter of an acre but I dream of having a bountiful harvest of goods. This seems like a wonderful solution for space. 
 photo flowerburstsignature_zpsb8a612dc.jpg


  1. Love the entry/living room inspiration. I just love those colors together!

  2. Hi Lena, I'm new to the linkup - thanks so much for hosting! Following you on all of the above platforms - and looking forward to linking up in the future! Teri @ A Beautiful Little Life


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