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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tokyo Eats: Ramen Amusement Park

Odaiba is quickly becoming one of my favorite places in Tokyo. The other night Chris and I agreed we couldn't believe that it took us three years to explore this man made island. 

Yes, manmade island. Odaiba originally started as a couple 'fort' islands used to protect Tokyo but then in the 60's and 70's the small islands were joined together to form Odaiba. In the 80's Tokyo began a project to make the newly formed island a futuristic residential and business district. However in the early 90's the area became almost entirely vacant and projects abandoned due to the burst of the "bubble economy." By the end of the 90's the economy picked back up again and building continued. 

Our favorite place to eat in Odaiba is the Ramen Amusement Park. When Chris told me we were going to go to a Ramen Amusement Park I thought of an actual park with characters and such but instead I found myself in a a room with a wide selection of ramen. 

We had the option of choosing from 6 or so different types of ramen- ramen from all around the Asian cultures were represented. I'll have to admit, we didn't have a very open mind walking into this place because we had our heart set on ramen similar to what we ate in Ramen Alley up in Sapporo three years ago. 

Lucky for us one of the booths was said to sell ramen from Hokkaido which is the island Sapporo is located, score!

The ramen did not disappoint- I've craved it every day since! Gabriel also enjoyed eating the noodles as well as potstickers. Look that little man hamming it up in the above photo.

If you find yourself in Tokyo looking for great ramen we highly recommend the Ramen Amusement Park located in Aqua City mall on the island of Odaiba.
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  1. This looks so fun! I love how many fun things you guys get to do in Japan!

  2. Thanks, we do too! Always trying to seek the day as 'once in a life time.'


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