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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hakone Part 3: Devil's Canyon

I know it's been awhile since sharing part 1 and part 2 of Hakone but alas here is the third part of our trip and by far my favorite! 

The gondola ride from the Pirate Ship took us up to Owakudani which means "Great Boiling Valley" or what Chris refers to it as, Devil's Canyon. 3000 years ago Mount Hakone erupted creating a crater that is now filled with sulfurous fumes. The mountain is still active (hence the fumes) which is also why hot springs are so popular in the area. 

The local people have very successfully marketed on the sulfurous fumes through hardboiled eggs... I mean if Hello Kitty is involved, it must be popular! That would be a black egg to the left of miss Hello Kitty.

Yes black eggs, Kuro-tamago. Eggs are hard boiled in the sulfuric hot springs turning the shell black.

The eggs were so good! I would say they are better than regular hard boiled eggs but maybe that's because I was caught in the moment. Chris and I split the bag of 5 warm eggs in half while sharing with Gabriel. I later read that it's encouraged to eat 2 but no more that 2.5, eating more than that is said to be unadvised- more for superstition than health I'm sure.

You're able to walk up to where to sulfuric baths are. We laughed about this sign at the base of the trail and joked that it was strange that there was nothing about pregnancy on there... "Breathing this gas can be fatal" but please visit, take a look around and eat the eggs cooked in it!

After taking in all the "fatal" fumes we hopped back onto the gondola and rode it back into town. We walked around a bit checking out some more sights but eventually headed back home. We're hoping to return someday soon to hopefully get a good view of Fuji and visit the Open Air Museum once the weather warms up a bit!

Hakone Part One
Hakone Part Two 
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  1. I would've laughed at that sign too. Such an adventure to remember, being over there in Japan.


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