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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pirate Ships and Gondola Rides (Hakone part 2/3)

I didn't realize there was more to Hakone than the Yunessun and Yutopia themed hot springs. When Chris and I talked about visiting Hakone I thought hot spring and he thought sight seeing- he didn't know there were hot springs and I didn't know there was good sight seeing! Fortunately we cleared up our intentions for the weekend a few days before heading down there.

Our night in the hotel was a little rough after the hot springs. Gabriel was exhausted and though the hotel provided a nice crib, we didn't really have a place that he could easily sleep. He's a great sleeper if he's in a dark room by himself. We managed to squeeze his crib into the entrance room but he still had a hard time. Between a beyond exhausted baby, morning sickness, rock hard pillow (the Japanese have rice in their pillows... no idea), and the room temp (didn't know how to change it, managed to get the window open and it was snowing outside), it just wasn't great. I really don't mean to sound like 'Negative Nancy' and I'm usually not but this weekend was just heading in that direction until we go to the pirate ship.

Rice pillows, boo. 

Deep but short tubs in Japan. 

I was embarrassingly excited about this boat ride across the water. I saw all the advertisements for a large pirate ship ride around Lake Ashinoko. Chris finally said, "you know it isn't a real pirate ship, right?" Thanks for giving me some credit hubs, yes I knew it wasn't a real pirate ship but still awesome!

As we waited a tacky luau themed boat with a party boat vibe started pulling up and I gave Chris the death glare, "that is NOT the pirate ship in the poster." Chris was immediately searching his brain for reason or explanation, "Ummm, well they probably have more than one boat... and maybe one of the pirate ships is getting fixed... we could wait 50 minutes for the next to see if that's the pirate ship... ... ..." Fortunately the tacky float tied to a neighboring dock and a few minutes later our pirate ship came "sailing" in.

Water Tori gate seen from the dock.
There was a first and second (main) class. The main class was gorgeous but the first class looked so elegant! The boat ride was lovely and we really enjoyed the English translations provided over the speakers detailing information about the lake and surrounding areas.

So hard to get photos of this busy body!
 Lake Ashi is a crater lake next to the complex volcano Mount Hakone. Lake Ashinoko means 'lake of weeds'- ashi (lake), ko (lake).

Straight from the pirate ship we hopped onto a gondola ride! The ride was meant to give one of the most spectacular views of Mt. Fuji, we should have felt like we could reach out and touch it... but it was foggy. Despite this bummer I was still so giddy with excitement over the day adventure that was just beginning.

Gabriel makes friends so easily! 

Hakone Part One
 photo flowerburstsignature_zpsb8a612dc.jpg

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