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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mornings with Gabriel

Mornings are never shy of busy around here. Most stores we visit in Japan don't open until 10 so we usually wait to venture outside until after Gabriel's nap. 

5am Gabriel announces he's awake, he's stripped of his jammies and diaper is replaced with training pants, he feeds himself his yogurt, uses the bathroom and then the fun begins. 

Chris comes home around 8am. When Gabriel hear's the first click of the door's lock his feet go speeding towards the sound. When he sees Chris walk in he'll stop dead in his tracks, smile wide, let out a happy sound and then quietly whisper, "hi." 

He's not engaged with any one activity for more then a couple minutes unless it's the humidifier in his room he isn't supposed to play with. We spend hours bouncing between legos, cars, books, basketball, shoes, cozying on the couch and whatever else makes his heart sing. If I'm cleaning the kitchen he's at my feet with legos. If I'm brushing my teeth he wants to too. As I put makeup on he insists on having his face tickled with one of my brushes. While I'm folding laundry he's unfolding it and playing peek-a-boo. He's my little helper, my side-kick and favorite little guy. My world is brighter and more valuable with him in it. This is a glimpse into the first five hours of our day to day life. 

What the photos do not capture is his continuous body movement to the beat and rhythm of the music Pandora is streaming. Just at hearing the the word 'music' he'll begin to bob his head. I can see many sing-a-longs and family dance parties in our future.
 photo flowerburstsignature_zpsb8a612dc.jpg


  1. He is so cute!! How is it going with the training pants? We need to start thinking about potty training Riggs! He's telling us now most of the time when he poops and sometimes when he pees, but it's always after!

  2. Oh man he keeps you busy. Such a cutie!

  3. That pirate ship looks so cool! Totally understand the disappointment if the tacky boat was the ship. Japan is beautiful!

  4. He's great with them for the first part of the day and then he doesn't care. He's been good with going number 2 in the toilet for over a year now but as far as pees go he isn't as aware or concerned. Yes, Gabe's the same way- with poops he'll tell us before but pees he'll tell us afterwards. We do a lot of prompting him and setting him on the toilet when we think he should need to pee.

  5. Haha oh I am good someone else gets it! I was feeling kind of ridiculous after the whole thing... So beautiful!


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