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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Vintage, Romance, Femininity

I've always been a sucker for pieces with vintage flair. I find vintage items romantic because of the story I dream them having. I wouldn't call myself a romantic, or even an optimist but I am a hopeful person.

There is something beautifully charming about vintage pieces or vintage looking items, they radiate femininity.

Aren't these gorgeous?! Those Cath Kidson bags are all over Japan and one day I hope to acquire one. I don't think those dresses could get any more delicately feminine, and the mint flats- SWOON! Though I don't think I could get away with placing those pillows in our house I definitely could refinish a wood table like this one and put that in our home. And check out those rings! They're part of a new collection by Brilliant Earth called Belle Epoque that launches today! Brilliant Earth is a company that I have been extremely passionate about for four years now.

When Chris and I decided we were going to get married I made it very clear I did not want to have an African diamond, one that could possibly be a conflict diamond. I almost went as far as to request a non diamond engagement ring- GASP! Fortunately for me my husband is a researcher and discovered the company Brilliant Earth.

Did you know there was such thing as eco jewelry? Brilliant Earth's jewelry is beyond conflict free guaranteed and uses recycled gold- avoiding dirty gold mining. The company also donates 5% of their profits to communities harmed by the jewelry industry. Both my engagement and wedding ring have come from Brilliant Earth. I don't know how Christopher narrowed it down to the two most perfect rings from so many captivating pieces but he did!

I'm excited for this new line, it reimagines antique style with a fresh romantic appeal. Belle Epoque is french for "Beautiful Era,"modern femininity with alluring charm. I am also excited about this line because it goes beyond engagement rings and includes elegant fine jewelry.

If you're in the market for engagement rings or a new piece to add to your collection I highly (and confidently) recommend (and encourage) you to check out Brilliant Earth.

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I did not receive any monetization or products for writing this post, all opinions are my own.


  1. Those rings are gorgeous and even more so for their background!

  2. I love that clutch! And that pink pillow! Oh my goodness, can I just have everything here?

  3. Ahh I love this post! I love the look of everything you put together, right up my alley!



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