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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Stateside Projects Revisited

Well hello December! Where did you come from? I cannot believe we're already getting organized and making lists for jet setting back to Japan in a month.

Back and May I made a list of projects I was going to accomplish while being stateside. At the time I felt the 11 projects I set my mind on would no question be finished come January 2nd. Since we are in our last stretch of being home I thought I'd revisit those projects:

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  1.  We bought wicker baskets from Ikea to fill up with toys! Loving the bookcase. You can see it [HERE] in my living room reveal!
  2. I did sew a crazy amount of buntings (tutorial HERE) for my Etsy and craft fair but not booties.
  3.  Nope, refer to number (5).
  4.  I would still love to do this because I am sentimental like that and when we move houses or paint I wouldn't lose the measurements.
  5.  Our yard did get worked on but not like this. We bought some flower bushes, trees, and berry bushes but never got a chance to put in our garden bed that I wanted so badly. 
  6. .  Like I said above with the sewn shoes, I just didn't get it on top of the other sewing I was doing for my business.
  7.  I really wanted this box before Gabriel's Birthday Party (you can see his adorable 1st year birthday [HERE]) but with the time crunch we instead dished out $150 for one. No sooner was it delivered and set up that our cat decided to run away and never return! After searching found adds and checking the humane society for well over 2 months we finally sold it on Craigslist for $100. Awesome. 
  8.  Didn't make the pillows but currently working on some scrabble magnets for the fridge! 
  9.  As if you don't already know where this is going… See numbers (6) and (2) for your answer. 
  10. One of our bathrooms got a little update with having the trim and door painted (interested in doing the same thing? Check [HERE]) white but that's as far as bathroom face lifts went.
  11.  Didn't make any advent calendars this year, maybe that will be one of my projects in Japan if I can get my machine over there. 
In the next month as far as the house goes I'd LOVE to finish painting the trim and doors in the master bedroom (started the other week) and MAYBE paint the downstairs bathroom and or paint over the "accent" wall in the family room… Painting that wall Ancient Scroll sounded like such a good I idea at the them. 
 photo flowerburstsignature_zpsb8a612dc.jpg


  1. I love #4! I have wanted to make one of those too! If you make it soon, let me know tips!

  2. Lena, every time I read your blog I discover yet another way we are alike. Seriously, I wonder if you could've been my twin in another life :) I have been dying to make Scrabble pillows like that for years as a present for my mom! I've also used scrabble tiles as bookshelf labels!

  3. I commend you for even making a list!! When it comes to things like these, I'm a total failure. Total. I really like that bookcase and I hope you get your trimming done before your trip! :)

  4. I hear ya Kelly! Sometimes I wish all us bloggers were neighbors haha.

  5. I hope to get it done next spring/summer when we get home from Japan. It may be bumped to the TOP of the list since Gabriel will be turning 2 next August.

  6. I love this. I have been REALLY serious about finally doing the projects I've pinned and had on my mind! I say you've done great to do the ones you did! I'm still painting over here...I finished the laundry room but am now delayed in the dining room. I really hate vaulted ceilings right now!!!


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