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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight- Sarah @ Given to Art

Sarah is this month's in-post sponsor,  a stay at home Aussie mom who is passionate about expressing herself through art! On her blog she features other artists, talks about getting in touch with the artist within and shares artsy DIYs and printables.

Currently Sarah is exploring different media to create interesting and unique images with media. She does many exhibitions and art shows but also has an Etsy shop! Here are some of her Christmas creations currently on sale:

Sarah is inspired by the world around her: life, family, music and environment. Sarah recognizes the patterns and colors in the world God created and she translates the Lord's beautiful work onto her own canvas'. She says that she "likes to draw the way people dream: things don't necessarily make sense and the color is always vivid."

I believe that creativity and art should be an integral part of everyone's lives. When I finish a work, regardless of the time it's taken,  I have a little moment of 'WOW!' That little period of time where you see not the time it has taken, but the end result as if you'd never seen it before, and it makes you say "wow, that's exactly what I was going for - I love it!". I think that everyone should have that little wow moment in their lives, and if they can't create it themselves, I like to think I can help give them that. I love the idea that my work is in people's homes and they look at it the way I look at art (not just my own!!!) and say " wow, I love that". - Sarah @ Given to Art

 photo flowerburstsignature_zpsb8a612dc.jpg

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