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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Naughty & Nice Card Display

I wanted a new way to display Christmas cards this year. Last year I used the red picture frame with the wire and clothes pins but I just don't have the heart to remove Gabriel's monthly photos I place on there for his 1st birthday.

As I KEEP mentioning (are you over it yet?) I have been a little obsessed with getting back in touch with my roots and with that comes birch. When I think about times from my childhood traveling back to Minnesota (the land of the Swedes) playing in the birch tree forests with my cousins comes to mind.

Birch is sweet, sophisticated, and elegant with its white, delicate bark. I don't have a birch tree but I DO have a Japanese maple and a can of spray paint- TADA! Now I have birch.

I wasn't quite sure how to stabilize the branch as first. Okay- I did know, I wanted to use some decorative pebbles, but guess what? I 'thew them away' because I never used them. Of course. My husband and I were racking our brains as to a what we could use that we already had and he came up with the idea of using charcoal briquettes, GENIUS! I held the branch where I wanted it in the vase and Christopher placed the charcoal around the branch to stabilize it.

At first I thought my hub's idea of charcoal was a little obscure but then I remember how coal is such am established part of the Christmas tradition. The 'obscure' idea became the perfect idea!

Don't you love those Christmas cards?! They are all from Tiny Prints! I have never heard of Tiny Prints until this season but I have heard of Shutterfly and Tiny Prints is part of Shutterfly. When they were brought to my attention I all of Gabriel's nap time one day browsing their website. I love that it is actually hard to find the perfect Christmas card- not because there aren't that many options but because there are A LOT of options and they are all PERFECT! And don't think they are only a Christmas services, not at all! They have fabulous choices for any holiday or occasion you couple possibly imagine. Their baby shower invites are just darling!

Unfortunately we aren't going to get around to getting a Christmas card out this year but if we did we'd use Tiny Prints and the photos we recently had taken by Sarah Voth Family Photography . Sarah and her mom are a dynamic photography duo. Sarah is located in Washington and her mom Judith lives in Arizona.

Sarah is not only a talented woman, loving mother and wife but she is also my sister in law and one of my best friends. If you're looking for a photographer for any occasion (I mean any- Sarah captured Gabriel's birth!) I highly recommend them.

 photo flowerburstsignature_zpsb8a612dc.jpg


  1. I don't see our cute card on that display yet?! ;)

  2. Love that idea! You guys are such a crafty couple!! Your pictures turned out great, I especially love that one of Gabriel and your husband together, so sweet!

  3. When did you send it?! I haven't seen it yet!

  4. Thanks! It's a lot of fun to collaborate together!

  5. Thanks Samantha! It was such a quick project!

  6. What a great way to display holiday cards! Inspired ;)

  7. That is gorgeous! I love that briquettes and I love the way it turned out! I also love your table and pictures and just everything. Beautiful!

  8. Wow, looks gorgeous Lena! You're family portrait is beautiful as well. :)

  9. Great photos by Sarah! I really like your Christmas card holder.

  10. Beautiful photos! Love your Christmas display, too!

  11. Love the Christmas card display! And the cards are awesome! My sister is a pro photographer so my love for photos is quite large! Your photos turned out great!

    xo, Sarah @movingeastonwest

  12. Great photos, Lena! Such an adorable family :) And that card display is too great! So clever and creative! Miss you ladies..and blogging...back soon at it, I hope ;)



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