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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

It felt like Gabriel's first Christmas but it was actually his second. We kicked Christmas off by attending a candlelight vigil and reading the story of Jesus' birth out of Luke next to the Christmas tree- my favorite part of Christmas.

My mom invited us over for Christmas dinner so Christmas morning we woke up early, popped in some homemade cinnamon rolls, opened gifts then got ready to head to my mom's house. Gabriel fell asleep on the way (as planed, yea!) playing with one of his new toys from his Grandpa Peter.

Before getting to my mom's we stopped at my sister's where we had a wonderful morning. Gabriel was gifted a learning tree toy that he plays with first thing in the morning now. Laughter was is abundance. 

We had a wonderful and relaxing time with my mom, my step dad and some of his family. Gabriel was the only little one and sure brought the entertainment. One of the gifts he received was a toy dog that he was able to pull. Gabriel did so many laps up and down the great room holding the leash high in the air causing the dog's front feet to be lifted off the ground- he loved it anyways.

Christmas night we met Chris' family at our house where we had the second half of the Voth Christmas. The next day we played it slow, went for a walk and Gabriel helped put together one of his gifts. It was so sweet to see him "play" with daddy's tools. 

We ended the night with three rounds of the game Pandemic (we saved the world twice) and a countless number of Big Bang episodes- the perfect end to a lovely Christmas.

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  1. Your black and white photos, by the tree are gorgeous!

  2. Love your Christmas tree photos. So beautiful! I also agree...this felt like Ben's "first" Christmas!

  3. Gorgeous photos! Looks like you had a lovely Christmas. Yay for those "firsts".

    Wishing you all the best in the new year!


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