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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mom Lovin' Hop no.23

This was "crunch" week friends! I know, when is it not crunch week for me? We'll for the last month or so I have been registered for one of the local craft fairs and is this weekend! My booth set up time is tomorrow so I finishing up last minute projects. My mama came to town yesterday to stay for a few days to play with Gabriel while I sew, organize, and plan. I am pretty excited but also super nervous too- what if no one buys anything?!?!? 

Have any of you run a booth at a craft fair? Any tips or pointers?

Our guest co-host of the week: Mercedes from Project Procrastinot

Mercedes writes about her life as an expat with her husband and boy/girl twins in the UK. Mercedes writes that in her past lives before children she was a ballroom dance instructor, a Spanish teacher and an elementary teacher. 

Our featured mama this week is Miwa at Cranes and Clovers

cranes and clovers

Hannah started following Miwa on Instagram when she randomly happened across one of her stunning pictures. Hannah followed for a while not even knowing she had a blog and was delighted to find that she does! Cranes and Clovers is a shared blog between Miwa and her two sisters talking about life between the US and Japan (perfect for me!). She is super sweet and I promise you will love following her. I really love all of her posts as she writes about her life as a mama to her sweet little "e". 

Joyful Life

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  1. Lena,
    We just did a festival show {because calling it a craft show would be a joke}. We just barely opened shop this summer and we have only done one show. And well, it didn't go too well. But no matter, we have one lined up for December and I'm so excited about it because this one is actually a craft show! I hope you have a huge success in yours! By the way, thank you for following and supporting us on etsy!

  2. Aw you will do awesome at the show! I have done a few and for the first few I did I was just setting my sights on at least making a few sales, so I wasn't thinking too big and was hoping that I at least paid for the booth and made a little extra. I was really surprised at how well I did. Im sure your sweet buntings and other things will definitely sell! Just have fun with it!

  3. Good luck this weekend! I will be thinking of you!

  4. Where is the show at my friend?

  5. Hi Lena, I'm a new follower and also an artist too! I have my first stall at a fair coming up shortly as well, so I feel your nervousness! I think a positive attitude and a happy smile will go a long way to making people feel comfortable and want to buy from you (and me!). Come and say hello at

  6. Thanks so much for featuring me, Lena :) That's so sweet of you guys. And good luck this weekend!


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