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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Came Early!

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I snagged some photos of Gabriel underneath the Christmas tree- yes, the Christmas tree. That's right, it isn't even Thanksgiving yet and Christmas is in full swing around these parts! It's so fun to see how Gabriel's face lights up every morning when I turn the tree on. A lot of people last year told me that come this year I won't be able to have a tree or that I wasn't going to be able to decorate the bottom half- not the case. Of course Gabriel has been interested but by putting Love and Logic into practice with saying, "uh-oh" when he touches a bulb and removing him to sit on the floor in the corner of the living room he has quickly caught on that he is not supposed to mess with the tree. Of course we had a couple instances where he would touch a bulb, say "uh-oh" and then run away smiling but for now we've moved passed that and have moved on from wanting to mess with decorations.

This is how our history of decorating for Christmas has evolved over the years…

1st Christmas: Didn't get a tree- too much hassle with having to move out of an apartment before the end of the year and packing up to move to Japan.
2nd Christmas: Chris didn't let me start decorating until the day after Thanksgiving.
3rd Christmas: Got to start decorating ON Thanksgiving. We almost had decorations up until July due to leaving for Japan the first of the year and not getting back until the end of June. Fortunately the in-laws came down and packed Christmas decorations up while we packed our suitcases. 
This year: I wrestled the tree out of the garage a week before Christmas while Chris was at work.

Any guesses on when you think I'll be covering our house in Christmas next year? I guess that also depends on where we'll be next year for Christmas when considering opportunities with Chris' job. 

This year, as I have mentioned, I want to incorporate more of my Swedish heritage into the holidays. In Swedish folktales there are these little gnomes called tomtegubbes (my family pronounces it tomb-ta-goo-bens, not sure of the "appropriate" pronunciation) that live under the floor boards and help out the farmers and the farm animals but if you annoy them they'll play tricks on you! In Sweden some families come Christmas time still put out a bowl of porridge (like putting out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer) to keep them friendly for the following year. I know it sounds super silly but having quirky little traditions like this that are meant for our kids to look back on and giggle, really warms my heart and gets me excited! Not saying we'll do it but it sounds like fun to me.

Have you started Christmas yet? What are some of your quirky traditions?
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  1. So fun! You can never start Christmas too early;) I am Swedish too and would love to bring some of their practices into my home!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love how you used your bunting as part of your tree decor! :)

  3. Your tree is gorgeous!! I can't wait to put ours up, but I'm a little nervous with an almost 11 month old who is into EVERYTHING! I guess we'll have to use it as a teaching opportunity...and hope she doesn't pull the whole thing over on herself! That tradition sounds really fun, I'm looking forward to starting some of our own too!


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