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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Take Me to the (Cookie) Pumpkin Patch!

Ever since Gabriel's birthday party I have gotten on a sugar cookie and royal icing kick! I've helped a girl friend make gem cookies for a party and then baked up some autumn leaves once fall hit. This past week while venturing through JoAnn's (surprise, surprise) I saw a Wilton easy grip pumpkin cookie cutter! This wouldn't have been a big deal if I hadn't been looking for one for quite some time.

My mom told me when I was a girl that I was one of those bakers that like 'tedious' work. It's true, sort of. I love the detail of the work but once frosting crossed the 4 hour mark I was kind of over it.

I don't have my own cookie and frosting recipe (yet) but the one I do use I absolutely love! I've shared the source before {HERE}.

Step One: bake cookies
Step Two: pipe on the white outline
Step Three: flood with orange frosting
Step Four: flood green frosting
Step Five: give cookies a generous amount of time to dry/set
Step Six: add a dab of frosting to the back of the leaf cookie and stick to large pumpkin cookie
Step Seven: pipe on green vine

These cookies freeze very well so when I do make them I go for the huge batch because for me that's what makes doing all the frosting worth it. It's a toss up if they are better cold or at room temperature. Happy pumpkin time!

 photo flowerburstsignature_zpsb8a612dc.jpg


  1. You should open a little bake shop (in your spare time...haha)! Those look amazing and so professional!

  2. Lena, those are gorgeous! I love the little leaf detail you added, seriously amazing! I want to eat one (or ten lol).

  3. Those are adorable! And they look delicious!

  4. I think I am going to make the tonight, super adorable and delicious looking

  5. These look amazing - and you posted the icing recipe just in time for me! I have to decorate cookies for the little Raisin's school party in 2 weeks...I'll be lucky if they turn out half as nice as those!


  6. Lena! Those are SO beautiful! Thank you for linking up to those recipes! I promised my boys we would do sugar cookies this weekend! Truly to work with two little boys in a tiny kitchen, takes a lot of my patience and I seldom do it. Plus, it's not like I need to be eating sugar cookies, let's be honest. But man! you are so good at this--I'm in awe!


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