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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mom Lovin Hop no.22

I made it through!!! Six days of teaching DONE! Wow, juggling two full time jobs is pretty ridiculous. Needless to say I did not get to all my runs these two weeks- I stopped my long run 2/3s of the way through because I was so terribly light headed from being crazy tired.

If I choose to go back to full time teaching I know it won't be quite this crazy because I wouldn't be trying to maintain a small (emphasis on small) business as well as some of my other "hobbies," but this time did provide good insight.

Our guest co-host of the week: Marta from Petite Raisin
Where do I even BEGIN with Marta?! She is such a loving mama with a great eye for design and gives cyber 'high-fives' like they are going out of style and I absolutely adore it! She's social on the hop every week and we're happy to have her as a guest co-host!

Our featured mama this week is Kelly at Our Cone Zone

Kelly is my newest blogging mama crush. She is a teacher (yippee!) and home renovator- say no more, right?! She speaks opening about her experiences and trials with adoption, love of food, motherhood and DIY projects. 

Joyful Life

Please, if you are new to the hop or have been here but haven't left a comment, please let us know on our own respected blogs that you are a new follower so we can be sure to follow you back! 

Also, If you are interested in co-hosting FOR FREE shoot Hannah an email at hannahsjoyfullife (at) to get on the list, growing your followers couldnt be easier! 

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  1. Wow! Juggling two full time jobs sounds tough! Happy to hear that you made it through the week in one piece :)

  2. I'm liking this linkup! I like that we have multiple ways to link up, thank you for putting it together...glad you had a good week too :)

  3. Wow, Lena! Thanks for the kind words today! Looking forward to following you :)

  4. Visiting from the Friday blog hop, well done with managing 2 full time jobs. Loving this linky, my first time here.

  5. I'm so glad you made it through! Hopefully you have a relaxing weekend and are able to recoup some of your energy! You are super mom!!

  6. It was 'cray cray.' :) Being momma is more than enough as far as work goes!

  7. Thanks for letting me know! Allowed me to not miss you in the mix of the hop and now following you!

  8. When I found your blog last week I immediately felt like we were kindred spirits. :)

  9. Thanks Shannon! Glad you made it over here! Following you through multiple means now: GFC, Pinterest, Instagram (requested), and Twitter. :)

  10. Thanks for dropping by! Glad the 2 full time jobs thing was just for 6 days. :)

  11. SUCH a great weekend! Sad it's over. I was super happy this morning to know I didn't have to drive into school on a Monday morning. :)


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