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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Living Room and Entry~ 1 Year Progress

Yesterday I shared with you how we had tested four different types of gray paint (found on Pinterest) to use in the entry way, well before I get to the "reveal" let's just take a look at the hot mess we called our entryway/living room last fall... 

YIKES! Let's break the above photo down...

  • builder's grade orange doors and trim
  • SIX different test colors on the living room wall
  • a tall bookshelf that is half spray painted
  • college dorm room lamp (did any one else have that one from BBB?)
  • no installed lighting

If you want to see more of the chaos you can check it out on a blog I posted back in the mix of it! The pink of the walls shines through a lot more in those photos too... Lovely.

FORTUNATELY those spaces look a little different these days! It's taken a lot of time (minding a budget so doing things slowly) but the year was well worth the wait!

I kind of want to do something above the bookshelf or on top of it but not sure what... Maybe above the computer too or instead of? I asked hubs what he thought and he asked me why I feel the need to put stuff everywhere. Silly boy.

Hello install lighting! That was a BIG deal. I never thought I could get so giddy about lighting- what a difference it made!

See that basketball hoop? How could you not, right? Well we love it and Gabriel loves it but the next "project" is to somehow turn that corner into a kids corner. I want to get a little table and chairs and maybe some sort of plastic mat to catch messes and the works. We'll see. Any suggestions or ideas?

We also want to build some sort of surface area behind the sectional. a place to set a drink or put a lamp or something. Nothing super wide, just wide enough to be utilized.

 photo flowerburstsignature_zpsb8a612dc.jpg


  1. It looks great! You should find a cheap kid's table set somewhere and make it into a chalkboard table! So fun!

  2. Above the bookshelf - maybe one of those stick on wall sayings or you can create one yourself with a Cricut. As for the childs play about asking the hubs to build a three sided wooden enclosure type thing...maybe paint one side just a plain color (the side that shows( and the inside he could do a scene like a city or a park with trees...whatever you think your son would like at this age. the choices are limitless. Your house is beautiful and I love the colors!!!. I don't care for the computer in the corner though. Seems like it ought to have its own space in a closet turned office or den or something. Not sure if you have the room. Just to me it looks out of place. Thanks for sharing your home Lena!!

  3. Totally! I've been looking for something like that for above there but haven't seen anything I like- I will probably wind up having to make something.

    Yea I've seen a lot of great ideas about making a child area in a main area on Pinterest of course. :)

    I wish we had an office but the office is now the nursery. :) It's also sort of our TV too though (why we got the biggest screen) which is why is located in front of the couch!

  4. That sounds great! I ALMOST got the sweetest table and chairs at the garage sale but then they decided they didn't want to sell them. :/

  5. I really love this! You photo walls are great!

  6. LOVE IT! Wow, what a difference, I bet you love sitting in here. I need that bookcase, it's perfection. Also, the massive mac is perfection ;)


  7. Looks SO great!! The lighting makes such a huge difference! I absolutely love that bookcase...and I agree with you that it needs a little something either right above it or above the computer (check out Old Barn Rescue Company on Etsy - we got some gorgeous decals from them)...but seriously it looks AMAZING! Well done!

  8. Looks gorgeous Lena, so much more bright and inviting looking! The lighting makes a huge difference, I just love recessed lighting like that so much. Lighting is an extra big deal up here during the winter months since it's literally dark the majority of the day (only 4 or 5 hrs of any daylight at all during december). Also I love the bookcase you got, where is it from?

    For the kids corner, no ideas here. I'm trying to do the same things so I"ll be following for any ideas people have. We have the table and chairs but no idea exactly where to put them!

  9. Its looks great! I really like those book shelves with the baskets!

    Thanks for linking up with us at the Blogger Digest!
    Amanda @ Happily Ever After

  10. It looks great! I love it! It's so much brighter & more open! :)

  11. Lovely home, Lena! Looks totally great!


  12. Wow, what a difference! It's SO crazy what a difference paint and lighting can do, right?! This looks great Lena, can't wait to see what you do with the computer area and on top of the bookshelf. The process of decorating is so fun to me :)


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