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Monday, October 28, 2013

Herringbone Canvas Art {EASY}

A few weekends ago a girlfriend and I were trying to figure out what to do... We often joke about how "cool" we are- mid-twenties, turning in early, spending our evenings being entertained by Gabriel, baking, or watching something super educational and thought provoking guilty pleasures on TV after the babe goes to bed. Sometimes I see the Facebook and Instagram feeds of peers going out and hitting the town, wearing flashy clothes, living it up and I think, "boy it would be fun to have a life like that," but then I quickly get exhausted over their escapades and remember that that isn't my jive.

One past Saturday was no different- rather than partying it up in Seattle (conveniently a ferry ride away... and as if that was really an option) we gathered some canvas', paint, and tape for a little evening art project. A Herringbone print has been a pin on my craft Pinterest board for quite awhile now and it was time to execute it. Side note, do you know the difference of Chevron and Herringbone? It is pretty subtle but a lot of people mix it up- myself included. Chevron patterns are zig-zags created by a cut angle while Herringbone is a zig-zag created with offset rectangles... see below.

This project boiled down to just a few easy steps! Forgive the less than awe inspiring photography... it was late and I didn't care to use much else other than my i-phone...

Step One: Paint a canvas with acrylic paint.

Step Two: Cover painted canvas (after it has dried) with Frog Tap in the Herringbone pattern. Be sure to use a plastic card to smooth down tape.

Step Three: Strategically peal of a few of the rectangles of tape.

Step Four: Spray white paint on the top and sides of the canvas.

Step Five: Peel off tape and enjoy!

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out but I made this art for a spot on my wall in the kitchen/main room and it just doesn't jive the way I'd like it too. I'll either find a new home for it our change some things around in the kitchen to make it work!

 photo flowerburstsignature_zpsb8a612dc.jpg


  1. THAT is AMAZING! Love it Lena. And I hear you...more often we spend evenings at home. Makes the outings more fun when they happen if you ask me!


  2. I absolutely love this project, soooo pinning it!

  3. This is the best! You made it look so easy!

  4. Great idea! Love it! Totally going to give it a try!

  5. Wow, that is soooo cute! I like the endless options for colors and of course how easy it looks, woo hoo! :)


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