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Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Favorites!


{THIS} Post

This is Emily and four of her six kids and the title of this post is From First Child, to Sixth. This post painted not only a very truthful picture (from what I assume... I only have one child as of now) but beautiful one a life filled with children in a loving marriage that is partnership. 

THIS Video

Earlier this week Martha bashed on bloggers. It's funny how I actually got a little hurt/offended because I've always sorta looked up to her (minus all the money scandal and prison stuff...). This video is slowly moving its way through the blog world and bloggers are responding. I believe this was a TERRIBLE business move on her part since bloggers are typically huge supports and promoters of her products.

THIS Moment

I got to guest teacher in my sweet friend's kindergarten classroom this week! This was the first time I taught in a kinder class since having my own classroom before Gabriel was born. The other fun part about this day was that one of the students was a daughter of another friend of mine! All around a super sweet and fun day. 

I loving having my little boy and think a house full of boys (my destiny) sounds like a lot of fun but boy do these little moccasins make me want a girl RIGHT NOW!!!


Most couples were friends before they were a 'couple.' Continuing to build that friendship always remains important. 

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  1. I love those little shoes from etsy! And glad you got to teach the class!

    Thanks so much for linking up with me today! Make sure you enter to win my giveaway from Wednesday,

  2. Wow. I can't believe Martha dissed bloggers so blatantly. And I thoroughly disagree with her about bloggers not being 'experts' since I think it's actually the opposite. Retail companies and extremely rich people (like Martha and Ralph Lauren) are completely out of touch with the reality of daily life for the average person. I would venture to say that bloggers are far more qualified to be called experts at what they're blogging about than a 'highly trained editor at vogue' - because bloggers are blogging about life and what products work for them and editors are usually writing pieces professionally, not necessarily based on personal experiences.

    Also, along the same line as our food tastes being similar, I literally almost used those exact bow moccasins for my post today as my favorite etsy! But I had too many other things I wanted to use so I didn't! What?!

  3. I first came across this interview with Martha Stewart on Emily Freeman's blog {Chatting at the Sky} and honestly, was SHOCKED since her company does partner with bloggers so often. Personally, {at least not right now} my blog does not crank out recipes, craft projects, etc. And even if I did, I still don't think I'd be comfortable with being labeled an "expert" an anything. HOWEVER, yes, bad business move on her part, for sure. I mean, really, there's nothing new under the sun, therefore things are going to be reinvented and redone. That's just the way it is. And what's with a recipe needing to be "tested" in some super swanky kitchen lab before it's considered "good". I'm sure most blogger who share recipes either 1} test the recipe in advance {often on their own family - i.e. regular people} or 2} have used the recipe countless times and wish to share it BECAUSE it's so good. Anyway...sorry for the rant. I guess I could have just summarized by saying "She personally didn't offend me, but I can see how many would be offended".

  4. Yikes, Martha. She sounds a tad insecure. :)

  5. Hi! I'm visiting as part of the blog hop- but I will visit again! Your blog is great!
    I also have BOYS- and would kill for a little pair of those golden moccasins!
    xxoo- Lhasa, from Lhasa's Lovely Day

  6. Thanks for visiting! What's your favorite part about having all boys?! I imagine that will be our future.

  7. That's the word I was searching for!

  8. Well, mainly I worry that girls would be so hard during the teenage years- so I am fingers crossed hoping that I have sweet mama's boys that will still love me when they are 16!

  9. Whoa Martha! And those Moccasins are so cute, I keep telling my husband we are in for it if we have a daughter next (like a loooonnnnggg time from now).


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