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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

These Feet are Made for Walking

Gabriel took his first steps yesterday. Yes, very exciting but why didn't I feel that in the moment?

When my friends' kids take their first steps I get genuinely excited  and celebrate that milestone but with Gabriel I wasn't overcome with the same feelings.

I was holding him ever so slightly under his arms as he walked, I then proceeded to remove my hands and he continued walking for a few steps and then with much control he stopped and slowly crouched down to the floor. It was simply an, "oh, you took a couple steps- nice job," moment. I would assume this reaction with proceeding children but the first?

 When Chris got home from work, telling him that Gabriel took some unassisted steps was more of an afterthought and he too didn't get incredibly enthusiastic over such a feat- he is an engineer though so that needs to be taken into consideration.

I don't know, has any other mama experienced this? Maybe because in my heart, like I've said, I'm really starting to wrestle with accepting that my little baby is growing up? Or maybe I'm holding out for when he stands up and walks to me- when the steps are more intentionally and less accidentally?

What I do know is that these are the first of many steps for this little man, steps that I pray will walk in faith along side God. Steps that will one day lead people to the Lord. Steps that will direct a Christ loving family. When thinking of it this way, those little steps actually do stir up great joy and happiness within me. I do know that these will be steps that will sometimes go in the wrong direction but that is the beauty of the Lord's grace and unconditional love.

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  1. I'm sure when he starts full on walking it'll be even more exciting! He's such a cutie :) thanks so much for linking sig us for WDW!

  2. I really love your honesty :) It's ok not to jump around with excitement about everything, save your energy for when he graduates at the top of his class haha...

  3. Ha, thanks Judy. Okay, I'm saving up my excitement for graduation- that sounds good. :)

  4. I hope so! I felt like a lame mama!

  5. If you're up in the area around Christmas, I'm going to be with Sarah, Mike & Miles...maybe we could do a shoot of both boys together :)


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