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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! Today I am actually out guest teaching in the 2nd grade, how exciting is that! It has been about 10 months since I've stepped into the role of classroom teacher. The sweetest part about it all is that some of the 2nd graders in the class are my past kindergartners. 



I'm a pretty big sucker for any of the posts I come across Pinterest about a mom and her son(s).

{THIS} Recipe

I imagine you couldn't have just one of these little scrumptious fingerlings.

This Moments

No pictures? Not sure how that happened... I spent most of this past week with Christopher home- he had a 5 day weekend! We visited my brother, enjoyed an evening at the State Fair, frequented the gym, curled up and watched movies, baked, laughed and just enjoyed spending time together as a family. 

Isn't this the sweetest mobile? The shop owner's name is Shayla and she also keeps a fabulous blog as well. 

{THESE} Words

I love C.S. Lewis, anyone else share the same sentiments? 

 photo flowerburstsignature_zpsb8a612dc.jpg


  1. I love C. S. Lewis. I always find that his quotes resonate with me.

  2. Saying YES to apple pie FRIES!!! OMG those sound amazing.


  3. LOVE that quote!
    Hello from The New Wittys:

  4. I'm glad you're teaching today my friend! Enjoy! How was the fair? I used to show horses and live at the fair for days on end...but I haven't been back for fun in a couple of years. I would probably eat too much.

  5. HOW FUN!! I hope you're lovin' guest teaching :) :)

    Have a great weekend girl!


    Newlywed Life Blog

  6. Aww so fun, hope you have a fabulous day!

    Those apple pie fries look amazing, especially if you had a little vanilla icecream to dip them in!

    And I pinned that same C.S. Lewis quote recently - I love it so much! I actually just used my credits on audible to get Mere Christianity in audiobook form to listen to while commuting:)

  7. Apple pie fried look amazing!! Thanks so much for linking up with us this week :)

  8. Oh my goodness yes! I totally agree with the vanilla ice cream!
    Maybe I should get Mer Christianity in audio book- I've tried reading it twice now. I love thought provoking and profound books but boy is it heavy! So good though.

  9. It was so good but boy was I tired the next day! I don't know how you working mamas do it!

  10. The fair was alright- I usually love the booths but they weren't that awesome this year. People watching was fun. :) The corn dogs were SO good but the like every year I'm always a little disappointed by the curly fries.

  11. Resonate, convict, and hold accountable.

  12. There is just something about a mama and her boys!

  13. Those apple fries look absolutely scrumptious! And I'm with you on C.S. Lewis. What a great quote!
    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  14. Yummm going to have to try those apple pie fries. They look easy and delicious. Also love the hanging mobile. Im going to look for doilies at the good will and etc. They don't actually have to be old ones. I see new ones all the time at MIchaels in the dollar bin. But I hope to replicate that one you've showed! Thanks for sharing and it was fun seeing you again the other day!

  15. Oh and I forgot to comment about the son thing. Even though I have one of each (lucky me!). My daughter and I butted heads all thru her adolescence. Although we were extremely close when she was a young child. She was my universe! Then when she was 14 I got remarried and had a son. She was a bit jealous but was so involved in her own growing up and life that she really didn't bother with him. Now they are very close. My son was and has always been my heart. He is so loving and such a wonderful person. There is a difference between each child's love and how you love them as and when they come into your life. While you never want to say you have a favorite, each connection is different (at least mine are) and I love them both so much and they will always be my babies. It is sad when they grow up and no longer need you like they did as a child. I see so many children each day who don't get that same love and I just want to take them home and nurture them. Sigh....

  16. LOVE that CS Lewis quote!! And apple pie fries?? Umm...yes please!!

  17. Hey, I have a son now! I'll head over and read that. And the apple fries--oh my stars!
    Great links :)

    Heather @ &

  18. LOVE that quote by CS Lewis - so very, very true....and the first heroes they meet just happen to be you and Chris :)


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