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Monday, September 2, 2013

Friday Favorites?


Ha! So the idea of doing Friday Favorites was because I thought I'd be better at getting a Friday post up than I was getting a Weekly Wrap-Up on Sunday... I got jokes I guess. Maybe if I start my Friday Favorites today it'll get up by then?


I love these because they are so original! Not that I have anything against wreaths because I absolutely adore them but it was refreshing to see a new take!  

{THIS} Recipe

Soft pretzels are one of my weaknesses... Thus I eat one maybe once a year. Adding spinach, artichoke and bacon sounds like I'd have to scale back to once every 5 years! DELISH! 

These Moments

It's been one of our hardest years this past year with learning how to balance marriage with a baby and living half that time in Japan and half that time in the States. At the end of the day though I wouldn't chose to navigate this with any other man. 
Chris doesn't actually call me 'flower' out of endearment- I was quoting Disney movies one day and I think I went on a little too long so once I got to "you can call me flower if you want to," he ran with it to annoy me back. It was a great note to wake up to on Wednesday. Oh, and he said those were, "because it's Monday," flowers. 

{THIS} Etsy

Back in June I talked about how I was was lovin' botanical prints. Well, I haven't gotten any yet but I'm still sort of smitten by them and this shop is filled with not only wonderful botanical prints but maps, store book prints and more!

{THESE} Words

So, not as thought provoking or awe inspiring as maybe some scripture or words of a philosopher or apologist but this is totally my groove right now. 

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  1. I love that he calls you flower every once in a while, and that they accompanied just because flowers, those are after all the best kind to receive.
    Those botanical prints are gorgeous!

  2. It was totally a, 'why didn't I think of that?!' moment for me.

  3. Thanks, he's such a wonderful husband and father- truly blessed.

  4. These are great! I love me some pretzels and botanical prints. Lol I like seeing the little things between couples like this note, it's so sweet.


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