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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Falling (Cookie) Leaves

If you follow me on instagram you might have seen this photo of a cute little sugar cookie. What you may not have known -how could you- that this super cute cookie was the result of a super-duper accident. Yes, I just said 'super-duper'...

 For the last week I've been helping a friend make up cookies the same way I did Gabriel's birthday cookies. Have you tried sugar cookies with royal icing? If not I assure you I was beyond intimidated to decorate cookies this way until I sucked it up, swallowed my baking pride, and went for it- not as big of a deal as I worked it up to be! Do you have baking pride too? Anyways, I volunteered to make this type of cookie with my gal pal to show her that, though they take a little extra time, they aren't scary.

Well, the one big flaw in my little plan was that mister husband developed quite a hankering for these cookies in the process and he was under strict orders to not sample any of Tricia's. Because I found it too mean to keep them literally under his nose for about a week, I thought I should probably make him up a batch too.

I figured it was too early to make up Halloween shaped cookies, definitely too early for Christmas, too redundant to do honey bear themed, and all I had were tiny leaf cutters that I used to decorate pies (insert irony here) so we took a family trip down to JoAnn's. OF COURSE my sweet friend Jo just got in all her new Christmas fabric which meant I had to take a detour to the Wilton section (complete other side of the store) to pick up a few yards.

The cookie cutter we got was great, the cookies came out of the oven a nice faint golden brown on the edges and we went to bed dreaming of beautifully iced sugar cookies to come. The next morning my sweet husband let me sleep in almost an hour as he got up with Gabriel. When I came down the stairs he quickly informed me, "we had an accident." Oh no. What happened? How come I wasn't woken up? Things don't seem upset... "Gabriel got a hold of your cookies while in his booster." I looked to the table and saw a hot mess of ready to be iced sugar cookies.

I immediately thought it was pretty ironic that the leaves fell... The beauty of it all was that lately Chris and I have been trying to be very intentional with our communication and interactions- he felt that it was his fault because he had Gabriel too close to the table when I assumed it my fault because I forgot to put the cookies away the night before. Rather than feeling bad about it or getting upset we laughed it off, noted that though hokey looking (some of them) they'd still taste good.

All of this is to say when life gives you lemons make petite leaf cookies? Or is it to never cry over spilt cookies? I'm not sure of the exact way to sum this all up but what I do know is that fall is upon us -the air is developing a crispness to it, the leaves are starting to float their way down to the ground- and life is too short to be bothered by the little things in life.
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  1. love this Lena, so true! Also the cookies look ammaaazzzinngg...I might have to go make some sugar cookies!

  2. cute cookies!
    I am stopping over from the mom diaries Link up.
    I am one of your newest followers on facebook & google.
    Would love for you to visit
    KIm This Ole Mom

  3. Ahhh so cute! I keep wanted to make beautiful decorated sugar cookies and now Im officially inspired. :]

  4. Yummy! These look so good, thanks for sharing them with us for WDW!

  5. Ha-ha! Your cookies turned out so cute :) And damn, Jo, does it every time ;)


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