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Monday, September 2, 2013

Camping with Baby, Round Two!

Two weeks ago we took another camping trip with Chris' brother's family. We learned a lot from last trip but didn't fail to learn more this camping experience!

The wipes came in super handing this trip! Gabriel being another month old did not care to stay in his pool for much time especially because we brought his extremely favored basketball which he kept throwing out of the pool and crawling after. 

Hornets were not a problem last time but were this trip. This is something I knew because I grew up camping here but failed to remember. They only seemed to come around when Gabriel was sitting in his booster chair eating so Chris and I at first took turns waving our arms back and forth around Gabriel. This didn't have much of an affect. It was pretty nerve wracking seeing hornets landing on food that was in the grasp of my baby's sweet hands so I opted to scrunch myself into the back of our CRV with Gabriel in his booster so he could eat in peace.

After our first trip I shared with you in much detail our sleeping experiences with a 5month old and 11month old. Well, Chris and I changed it up a bit... We had Gabriel sleep in the car, all by himself. GASP! Now, before you jump to crazy conclusions, hear me out. It's like a universal rule that you never leave a baby unattended in a car so at first this was a very hard decision to be okay with- that was until we looked at the facts. When we really thought about it we realized that it was actually SAFER for Gabriel to sleep in the back of the CRV than in our tent! While sleeping in the tent I was nervous about him getting lost in the blankets and getting stuck next to or under the mattress. The back of the CRV provided a safe space the same sizes of his crib that with a non fluffy folded up blanket provided a firm yet comfortable place to sleep. We cracked a window so we could hear him and provide some air and parked the car right up next to the tent- he was actually closer to us this way than he is at home!

Besides being safer it also fostered a better sleeping experience for us all. Since 10 months Gabriel has been sleeping through the night but if we're in the room when he stirs he is convinced he needs us to get back to sleep. Because he was in a space by himself he slept straight through until morning but if he had been in the tent with us I'm convinced that this wouldn't not have been the case.

Now that we have two camping trips with baby under our belt I think I would also add to our 'camping with baby list' a hornet trap and baby monitor.

We're exited to see how camping will look next year with toddlers! Any suggestions from you veteran camping mamas? I've heard that it all changes once you have walkers.

Oh and if you're ever looking for new ways to pass time while camping we highly suggest and encourage investing in a hammock.

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  1. You're a much braver mama than I am with camping! Inspiring to see it's totally doable - I love going to the cabin, but sleeping in a tent is a whole different world!


  2. I love the family photos of you three. :)

  3. Something else you might consider -esp. for the eating times is one of those hanging nets that they have at Bed Bath and Beyond. Probably need a coupon to make it affordable, but it would be a good thing to have over the high chair or the eating area to prevent flying creatures from bothering you. Or if you were savvy enough...maybe you could make your own??

  4. YES! We totally need to put a 'bug net tent' on our list of items to purchase for next year.

  5. Thanks! They are hard to make happen sometimes.

  6. It's SO much fun! Gabriel absolutely loves being outside so he was a happy camper. :)

  7. What sweet pictures! I love when I see families with young children unafraid to get outdoors :) You have a beautiful family!

    Heather @

  8. Such gorgeous pictures! I have not been brave enough to go camping with little ones yet, so this and your other post was informative! I looove Gabriel's eyes, they're so bright!

  9. Oh I love this post! We have thought about camping with our little ones, but haven't got around to it yet (maybe read 'got up the courage' haha). Your photos look amazing, it looks like a lovely holiday! I'll be featuring your post tomorrow!

    Thanks so much for linking up this week, I hope to see you again at the link up soon! x

  10. My SIL and I just had to take the leap! Just sort of had to do it for the first time and then once it was over we were SUPER excited about the next trip. You should try it next year! And then blog it of course.

  11. I keep missing your link party so I'm glad I got to be a part of it since my friends Whitney and Andrea are a part of it! :)

  12. OH! And thanks for the feature! SO sweet of you!


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