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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Winnie the Pooh Inspired Dessert Table

Last week I shared with you my son's first birthday! I've had such a positive response (you guys are all too kind) that I thought I'd put together a post compiling all the recipes and items used to bring this dessert table together! 

Sugar Cookies
Royal Icing
S'more Dippers
Reeses Cupcakes
Buttercream Frosting

Bee Hive Cookie Cutter
Balloon Cookie Cutter
Hexagon Cookie Cutters
Yellow Paper Straw Sticks
Sugar Bees
Cupcake Liners Brown Polka Dot
Cupcake Liners Red Gingham

Wood Tiered Cupcake Platter Tutorial 
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  1. Amazing! Sooo those S'more dippers...I think I need to make those...daily!


  2. Absolutely Darling!!! What a great dessert table!

  3. Too cute! Love it all! Great job!

  4. I really have to try S'mores. I have wanted to try one since I was a kid... Need to find the Aussie equivalent to Graham Crackers. I am still in love with this party!

  5. Wow I am impressed. Congrats

  6. SO GOOD! DO IT! And then tell me how much you loved them! :)

  7. Awe I love that word- darling. Thank you!

  8. Oh my gosh. Let me take a minute to take this all in... YOU HAVEN'T HAD A S'MORE?! You poor thing! Gosh I will MAIL you some graham crackers if you can't find anything that will work. There are some years in my life where I've eaten one almost every single day through the use of my handy microwave. Total addict.

  9. Thank you. I promise it looks more impressive than it really was (as far as work goes). No stress or fuss!

  10. WOW, all of this looks incredible, especially the cupcakes!! Checking in from the Blog Hop :)

  11. Thank you! Those honeycomb cupcakes were so fun to make. I wish I could claim them as an original idea though- saw them all over pinterest when I start search for his birthday party.


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